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  1. sameyjaney

    failed lift test, may have lost job offer..

    Wow. That is some INTENSE physical testing. I am a petite young girl too. I guarantee you there is no way I would pass the test either. My physical testing for employment consisted of getting my vaccines and passing my drug test. I would agree with a previous poster who said you would not want to work for this facility anyway. They should not expect you to be lifting that much weight on your own w/ ease. You should have lifting equipment and the help of co-workers at least.
  2. sameyjaney

    Is this professional?

    My only possible explanation for this is that she has eyes that are sensitive to the computer screen lighting so when she is charting for long periods of time maybe she actually wears them?? Haha that is my very best guess.
  3. sameyjaney

    I found my dream job in Public Health :)

    Congrats!! Happy for you!!
  4. sameyjaney

    How do you guys feel about shadowing?

    I would LOVE to have a high school student shadow me. I entered college 5 years ago and chose nursing as a profession because it was the only thing I could see myself doing out of all the choices that are out there. My experience was based solely on the observations & interactions I had had with nurses when I visited my friend in the hospital undergoing treatment for cancer. I wish I would have had the opportunity to shadow prior to making the decision to go into nursing. I volunteered at a hospital while I did my pre-reqs but did not have very much interaction with the nurses. Therefore, I ultimately had no idea what nurses really do until I started clinical in nursing school. Good thing I loved it or I would have seriously regretted pursuing this profession for the last 3 years of my life.
  5. sameyjaney

    Debate: 8-hour shifts vs. 12-hour shifts

    I think it really depends on what you do with your time outside of the hospital. For example, are you able to go straight to bed when you get home or do you have other obligations that you need to meet (cooking dinner for family, helping kids with homework, etc.). How long is your commute to and from work? I have to leave 2hrs prior to my start time in order to get to work on time which greatly decreases the amount of sleep I am able to get. I also get stuck in traffic on the way home in the morning. Do you stay over at work often? Do you leave right at 7:00 or are you stuck there charting for an hour? Do you get to take your breaks while on the job? I know that 3 12hr shifts without breaks takes a tole on a person and it happens more often than many of us would like. If you work nights do you sleep during the day before you come on? If so, how long? Are you basically sleeping during the day like one would normally do on night shift or are you simply taking a power nap before work? These are all things that I would factor in which I think would highly affect nursing care provided during the shift. I have only worked night shift 12s and can't imagine doing anything else. I think it is very doable when you take your breaks, finish on time and get some good sleep in-between shifts. However, I would like some consistency. It would be much more doable working the same 3 days every week instead of 1 day off, 1 day on, 2 days off, 3 days on etc. When your shifts are spaced out you can very easily feel like you are "always" working.
  6. sameyjaney

    Need Opinions on Med Bar Coding Systems

    I had clinical at facilities with computers in every room, one with COWs and now where I work we use the hand-held. They are my preference. The COWs are obnoxious. They would be my least favorite. The only thing about the hand helds are that sometimes it gets tedious trying to hit the spot you want to hit on the screen (kind of like using a touch-screen cell phone). Otherwise they are great. Highly recommend.
  7. sameyjaney

    Job Search Question?

    I would go for it!! That is exactly what I did to get my job as an RN. After applying for 2 months and feeling like I was getting no where I printed out my resume & cover letter, got in my car and drove around. I was intimidated and questioned whether or not this was a good idea, but ultimately it helped me land my job. I walked in and asked to speak with the nurse recruiter at a hospital I had never had clinical at. She was very nice and informative. She gave me info on how to improve my cover letter & resume and when they would be able to hire next. I had one interview there and didn't get the position. I was bummed and another month went by. Then she called me to let me know she had forwarded my info to another manager who was hiring. I interviewed and got the position three weeks later. Now I must mention this is only a summary of what my job search was like. There were multiple e-mails, phone calls and resumes/cover letters that I personally dropped off which I got no response or a "we need experience" response from. Don't give up!! It takes time!! I think it is very smart to get CNA experience before becoming an RN. I did not and still to this day wish I had. Good luck!!! Hang in there!!
  8. sameyjaney

    Nursing student help

    Hang in there and DO NOT feel dumb!! I did not do well on my first chemistry course I took my freshman year, so I took a pass/fail option so the © would not affect my cumulative GPA. The next term I took a higher level of chemistry and got an A in the course (I believe I mostly owe that to one amazing teacher). However, chemistry was not required for the nursing school I went to to get my BSN (after all that!!).
  9. Give them at least a month to get back to you. If it was an online application, follow up with an e-mail or phone call stating you are really interested in the position. But seriously, at least a month. Hang in there!!
  10. sameyjaney

    Unemployed Old Grads?

    I know a new grad who was two years unemployed and recently got hired into a competitive critical care internship. So, it's not impossible.
  11. sameyjaney

    What paraphernalias a nurse must always have?

    stethoscope, blunt-tipped scissors, carpuject, roll of tape, saline flushes, alcohol swabs, watch, mini flashlight
  12. Sometimes I incorporate faith into my practice...as in I pray to God for strength to get me through the shift :). Oh you mean patients? Ask them if you can meet their spiritual needs in anyway...then do the best you can to meet them.
  13. sameyjaney

    Let's think positive today!!

    As a new grad nurse I am ever so thankful for the veteran nurses on my floor who take the time to answer my questions, provide feedback on my care and offer support and guidance when I have a difficult shift.
  14. sameyjaney

    how old is to old for medsurge

    I am a new grad. My current preceptor started as a new grad on our busy med-surg floor at age 46. She is excellent. Many of the nurses I work with are older than she and they are excellent. I treasure the veteran nurses on my floor!
  15. sameyjaney

    The thing about 12 hour shifts...vent

    Ugh...I understand!! My parents call during the day wondering why I'm not awake. I woke up at 6:45pm and called them and they are like wow I can't believe you slept so late. I'm like well I just had 3 days on, the last two nights I got 6hrs of sleep and now that I can sleep in I want to get 10. I just tell them remember I don't go to bed until 8:30 in the morning!!