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  1. pale_pilsen

    CSULA Fall 2013 NP Program

    Anyone applying to CSULA's ANP or FNP program for fall 2013? I need some info regarding these program. Is it possible to be a full time student and work at the same time? How hard is the program? How many students do they admit every year? If anyone has info regarding the program, please let us know. thanks.
  2. pale_pilsen

    VA Hospital Westwood Med-Surg Question

    Im looking into moving around West Hollywood area and wanting to apply as an RN at the Veteran's Hospital in West L.A.... Does anyone know how much is the salary for an RN with more than 1 year experience? What is the nurse to patient ratio in their Med-Surg floor? What is the environment like on that unit? If you guys have any info...please feel free to share your experience. Thanks.
  3. pale_pilsen

    Bedside Reporting starting Monday :(((

    Personally, once the economy gets better, i'll look for other jobs that is non bedside nursing related. Its jus.t too much on a busy med surg floor
  4. Hello all, m/s nurses out there, how many pt admit and discharges on your typical shift? And just curious what state r you in. Thnx.
  5. pale_pilsen

    CA nurse and overtime pay

    I work in a med surg floor and I can say med surg nurses deserved every penny of their salary. I think we need a higher pay also. Those who disagree, volunteer to a med surg floor to see how crazy it is. Lets ee if you dont change the way you view us nurses.
  6. pale_pilsen

    I hate being a nurse

    Med Surg bedside nursing will suck a life out of you until you're completely physical, emotional, and mentally drained out. We call it BEYOND CRAZINESS at work.
  7. pale_pilsen

    Is med/surg really that bad?

    The honest answer is YES, it is really that bad! I work on a medsurg floor and I dont like it. Im only doing it for experience then i want to go to a specialty unit. If you dont believe me, see it yourself to believe it. When you do your clinicals in the medsurg floor, check the nurses on the floor, how is it like? Are they running like a headless chicken? Many leave medsurg because of the patient ratio. Instead they go to a specialty like O.R. or even DOU where it is calmer and quieter. It should be a big warning to you if the unit youre going has a high turnover rate. Unfortunately many new grads/inexperience nurses end up coming to med/surg because most of the experience nurses goes to a specialty unit. I guess its just the way it is. We all have to pay our dues.
  8. pale_pilsen

    Are we trapped by our nursing degrees? Is nursing worth it?

    Is nursing degree worth it for me? I would say yes because I worked so hard for this degree. But u know what, I dont want to do this forever. Im tired of being so stress so much. I want to be my old self again like happy, energetic, and not depress at work. So when the economy gets better, im out of nursing. Someone has to do it, but thats not me. More power to them.
  9. pale_pilsen

    why does medsurg nursing have to be like this?

    90% of times its like this. I regret coming into this unit cause I have no choice. I need to get experience somehow. most of the good units or they call it a retirement unit where no one quits rarely have any openings. So the only ones left out is mostly medsurg units cause no one wants to stay there. Its not about prioritization, its about the workload itself. Its insane to be called by 4 diff people at the same time wanting something. Its much worse than a manual labor cause not only your physically drained out, but mentally and emotionally as well. Its not that easy to transfer to another unit or hospital due to this economy. Hounestly, hospitals are downsizing left and right.
  10. i got off work today 2 hours past my clock out time to chart. I am so burned out. I was literally on my feet the whole entire 12 hour shift. Doing this doing that. call lights here call light there. Family complains, md orders, blah blah blah. Seriously, I feel sorry for myself for becoming a nurse. In school, I have 3.7 GPA. Since I started nursing, I feel like I wasted all all this to become a CERTIFIED, GLORIFIED MAID for the patient and MDs. I should have taken a degree on something where I will feel appreciated and respected. Not like working my a*s off and not getting something back in return. Whenever I see student nurses in our unit, esp in private schools, I feel sorry for them cause they have no idea what they're getting into (plus all that school loans they have to pay for). If I could only take back time, I wish I have taken a different route than nursing. I didn't know then thats why im here and i hate it. PS: If only the economy is better, I would have quit nursing and get a lower paying job that i can say im truly happy. Sucks!
  11. pale_pilsen

    Thinking of becoming a nurse

    Be careful what u wish for cause someday, it might just bite u in the back. Read thread # 2 carefully. Consider yourself been warned.
  12. pale_pilsen


    Wow. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. At least were not the only ones in similar situation. I just hope that all of us will get thru this crap and find something that we really enjoy. If its still bedside nursing, then maybe transfer to a different unit where it's less chaotic and more manageable (something like maternity, o.r., or being a dialysis nurse). If its non-nursing related, maybe something like in a management position (they always look clean and fresh in my opinion). Yeah, people always tell me at work that i have to prioritize my time. Ok here is the deal, even though i prioritize my time, im always behind with my workload & charting. And even though you prioritize, you still have to do all that crap thats been thrown at you because if you forget or dont do it, the next shift will get really ****** and write you up because they will say "what have you been doing all day?" "did you look at the new orders?" "how come this one is not done?" its crap! They dont give a crap! This is a common response from the night nurse because they dont have a damn clue what is goind on in days (or maybe they do, they just dont want to do anything at night so they pass most of the work on days!). I still dont believe prioritizing your time will make you successful in med/surg. It just simply means you do the most critical assign task first before doing anything else. And then, later, you still have to do the rest of that crap that was assigned to you. Its just up to you how you want to do it as long as it gets done. Do they give a crap if you eat or take a break. Hell no! Some would even make you sign a paper that you took your break just to save their a** so later if you sue them, theyll be like "here is the paper that you sign". Its that simple. Time management or not, it still su*** because of the workload! Its not because of my time management, its the workload! Management easily point fingers and blame bedside nurses for any problems without recognizing that the workload itself is the main issue. They simply want you to think that "oh, i have to work on my prioritization skills" so that they can give you more work in the end, while they chit chat in their office and talk about how their weekend was like. And the rest of us holding our bladders, running around like a headless chicken, making sure patients and their family are being treated like a hotel guest so patient's satisfaction survey would go up. Otherwise, if the surveys are down, the state will find out about it and hospital reimbursement will go down and less bonuses for the upper management. All for the sake of bedside nurses who sacrifice so much and easily pointed fingers at when something bad happens. Love you all.
  13. pale_pilsen


    I just need to vent away my feelings today at work. It was so horrible that i feel like a walking robot that keeps on going and going and ignoring my time to eat lunch and bathroom because the workload is just too much to handle! I was literaly crying inside. Fast pacing my walk from one hallway to the other. In my head, i need to keep going because im still behind with everything. I hated it. I hate getting piled up with so much things to do. Do this, do that, phonecalls, labs, dr on hold, pain meds, family complain, admission is here, discharge in 10 minutes, pain meds again and again and again, etc. I asked my other co-worker whos been there for 1yr and she told me, just keep on going. Shes right. Even though the workload keep piling up every minute of the hour, i just have to keep going because otherwise, i would have to stay for god knows how long just to finish my unpaid charting. And you know what, no matter how hard i worked without any breaks today, i still ended up staying for 2 hours to chart! Why? I didnt get to chart properly all freaking day long because so many things would come up that its literally impossible to stay in one place without someone calling your name. Ugggghhhh! Some of you would not understand this situation. But some of you whos been there and done that would understand. So please dont judge me right away. I love nursing. But this type of nursing is toxic and detrimental to someones health overall. I dont want to be in this type of work for so long. I would go nuts! With the economy being so bad, its impossible to find work asap, even as an rn. Yes, thats right, even as an rn. There is no nursing shortage, even as predicted couple of years ago. If they were right with their estimated nursing shortage (look in your nursing books) in 2020, there wouldn't been complains about nurses not finding a job left and right in this site. Its all crap. Its business, and its all about the profits. I just wish someone would do a documentary film about med/surg nurses and see the real nursing as it really is, live and raw! Not the edited ones by johnsons and johnson commercial where everyone is smiling, clean, and happy. Oh by the way, im still waiting to get that o.r. Job. But i dont have the result yet. Thanks for reading my vent. Sorry its so long. This is my only way of releasing my stress. I love this site.
  14. Anyone transferred from medsurg/tele to the OR? How was the transition like? Did u like it? The reason is because im sick and tired of medsurg/tele unit and wants somethin different for a change. I want to be able to go to work and dont feel like so beat up physomesically and mentally. I spoke with someone from OR and he seems to like it. And he actually have time to take brea.ks and lunch. Can u believe that? Not happening in my unit
  15. pale_pilsen

    My daughter is quitting nursing school!

    I wouldnt stop pursuing what she really wanted to do. Nursing as u know is a very stressful job. Unlike being a PT tech is way less stressful. Maybe she can pursue being a PT. If I would have known long time ago, I would have choose being a PT than RN and be really happy. But its too late now. I hope she doesnt have to go through what ive been to. Yes, money is a big factor in making a decision. But money isnt everything. Whats important is youre happy and proud of your profession. Unfortunately, many posts here ive read talks about how unsatisfied they re with nursing. Just to let u know, PT makes good money too. And theyre happy with what they do.
  16. pale_pilsen

    Angel at work, monster at home....help!

    This is why many rns leave the profession once the economy gets better. It speaks for itself. I guess for now make the best out of it or find a better unit where u can be more comfortable.