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  1. cherubhipster

    Teaching while raising a family?

    Hello friends, I'm at the very cusp of my MSN program. I originally was accepted to school to become a PMHNP, but lately I have bee considering a MSN in nursing ed instead, for a variety of reasons. I have a particular concern that I could use some feedback in. How is a career as an educator (with an MSN, the phd will have to wait for now!) while raising a young family? I am recently married and going to start a family soon, and I really need a career that will give me a good work/life balance. I have a friend who teaches at a community college (not nursing) FT, and her FT is equivalent to 15 hours/week at the school. Is teaching nursing the same way? I really appreciate any feedback and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
  2. Hello friends! Here is my situation: I work on a voluntary psych unit- FT days 8 hour shifts. I just got married, and I could be eligible for health benefits through my husband's job. I have an opportunity to work in another hospital system (a really big employer) as a PD RN on their 3 psych units- voluntary, involuntary, and adolescent. Requirement is a mere 2 weekend shifts per month. I can't work FT at my current hospital and PD at the other one r/t orientation requirements at the new job, I just wouldn't be able to get the time off from the current one to attend. I have been day dreaming of PD work for a while now. I have a romantic vision as a hired gun psych nurse, roaming from unit to unit, healing the mentally ill. I could downgrade at my current job to PD and work PD in both hospital units. I figure surely I'll be able to collect the hours/pay I need by having 2 hospitals to work for. I wouldn't have to work so many pesky weekends. I could double up on shifts and have 16 hour days to get extra days off, instead of my dreaded 5 day work week. I would greatly expand my psych nursing experience by working on those various units in the new hospital. and I would make $10 an hour more!!! But am I insane to give up my stable FT job with PTO, benefits, maternity leave, etc, especially in this economy? I've heard all about the risks of being cancelled, etc. At my current unit the PD are rarely canceled and we always seem to be begging people to come in and help. I don't know what the atmosphere for availability is like in the other hospital. And I realize it could change quickly if the census changes, so it's not set in stone anyway. I am planning on starting a family in the next year or so, and I feel like this PD situation would be better for that. But I would also be giving up a future 3 months of maternity leave if I go PD now. My heart says go for PD, my head says I'm nuts. What do you think? Thank you!
  3. I work with a nurse who was once on the phone with a doctor and said "I think the pt is experiencing retarded dyskinesia." AMAAAZING!
  4. cherubhipster

    Msn or doctorate to teach?

    Hello everyone!I have a question. If you wanted to become a nurse educator, can you get work with an MSN in education? Or do you really need a doctorate? I have heard this from some people and I am wondering what the take is out there.Similarly, if someone had an msn in nursing education and then got a post masters certificate as a nurse practitioner, will employers take you seriously for an NP position?Thank you!!
  5. I would love to hear more about this too!
  6. cherubhipster

    Want to get out of nursing, what can I do with my degree????

    You can try to get a job as an mds nurse or mds coordinator at a long term care facility. Though it's also possible you don't feel comfortable because you are still new, or Kay e it's specifically the place or unit you work in? I'm only a year out so I understand how somedays you just want to run screaming out the door. But also try to think of he good got doing. Nobody would blame you if you decide bedside isn't rigt for you, but it's easier to find something else with a little more bedside experience first.
  7. I am about to be offered a job there, and I have some questions! Anybody out there? :)
  8. cherubhipster

    New Grad not sure about LTC

    Shayray, I reread your post again and I thought I should add that I also got hired to a locked alzheimers/dementia unit. As far as specific responsibilities, your number one job will be to give out medication. You'll also be doing treatments (like dressing changes), chartig and documentation. Wig those kinds of residents you'll be monitoring behavior a lot to make it easier for the psychiatrist to accurately adjust their psych meds. You'll be trying to preven falls a lot... Mostly cause a resident has to go to the bathroom and All the cnas are busy with other patients, And mr or mrs so and so doesn't understand they have to wait because they have dementia. You'll spend a lot of time after med pass putting out small fires. The residents aren't acutely I'll with major diseases, but one has a cough And you have to get the order for robitussin, another one has a podiatry Appointment and needs arrangements to go out of the facility, or this one has a bruise and nobody knows where it come from so you hAve to facilitAte writing and collecting documentAtion from everyone. I work the day shift, so if your on another shift there is variation, but this is generally what the day is like. I hope this helps! If you have more questions you can pm me and ill help the best I can. :)
  9. cherubhipster

    New Grad not sure about LTC

    I was in the same position last august. Now I've been working inltc and as a nurse for 9 months. It's been a good experience, and I've been grateful for the work when it's so hard to find a job. I've learned the most about time management, and facility politics. You can do the job, just keep in mind for yourself it's a learning experience and a stepping stone for bigger and better things.
  10. Hey everyone! I have an interview for an assisted living position next week (night shift). Currently my experience is in ltc, early and late stage alzheimers. Can you talk to me about some of the positives of working in al? I just don't want to harp in the fact of why it's better than my current job. I want to be able to talk about why I will love al for itself, not in comparison to something else. The other tricky part of this is that I'm persuing my masters as a psych np. How can I relate my long term goals to assisted living? Anny thoughts? As always, thank you for the help. I love the allnurses community!
  11. cherubhipster

    LTC.. will working here eventually help me in psych?

    You guys are so encouraging! Thank you!!
  12. cherubhipster

    the main differences between LTC and acute care?

    Thanks so much!! This really helps a lot. :) Possibly stupid question, but I keep hearing this and I didnt hear people use it in the hospital. What do you mean treatments? Is that just a blanket statement for anything that isnt meds? when I hear tx I think chest pt or something. I know i know, that sounds really dumb...
  13. cherubhipster

    Staying organized- report sheet for LTC?

    That is great thank you!!!
  14. cherubhipster

    LTC.. will working here eventually help me in psych?

    I really appreciate your responses to my post. I needed some encouragement so that i can work this job and know that it will eventually help me be where I want to be. Thank you so so much.
  15. cherubhipster

    New Grad RN's in nursing homes

    I'm in a similar situation! New graduate, starting my first job as an RN at a LTC/rehab place on august 30th. Compared to what other LTC RNs have posted, it sounds like my job is a good place. They told me my ratio will be 15:1 (though i dont think i believe them), with 3 CNAs and one other nurse who is also taking care of 15 pts. The orientation is 4-6 weeks. I am thankfully NOT in a charge position! I feel like I have no idea what to expect. Ive read a lot of negative stuff about working in LTC and how hard and overwhelmed i will be. However, like every other new grad, I am lucky to even have a job. I couldnt turn it down without any other prospects! I'm really nervous though..
  16. cherubhipster

    Staying organized- report sheet for LTC?

    Hello again! I just posted a different thread about LTC, but this is a specific subject of it's own so I gave it it's own thread. I'm a new graduate about to start my first job in a LTC/rehab facility. In school I had a one page per pt(back and front) report/assessment sheet I made for myself to follow. It really helped keep me organized, helped me remember what I had to do during a shift, what I needed to know and keep straight. I'm trying to figure out how to make a new sheet for my upcoming job but I dont know what kind of information to include, since it's so different. My old acute care sheet had spaces for me to write down info like: MD, hx, O2, Ivs, foley caths, glucose times needed, VS, meds, neuro checks, procedures, and a full head to toe assessment to check off. I'm sure I don't need half of this on a report/assessment sheet in LTC. What should I include, get rid of, or add? Thanks friends. :)