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I am extremely depressed. My whole family are nurses mother and all my aunts. They kept on telling me nursing is the only way to make money quick. So I enrolled in nursing school but I didnt pass the... Read More

  1. by   roser13
    It is VERY apparent from your other posts that you and nursing school were not a good fit the first time around. Please don't take out any more loans for a profession whose only draw for you is a perceived high salary level. I say 'perceived' because there is much more volatility to nursing salaries than you are apparently aware. Plus, read all of the (quite frankly) desperate new grads who have been searching for months if not years to find that first job. And these are new nurses who would take a position at ANY salary in order to get their foot in the door. Usually, going for the quick & easy solution only backfires in the end.
  2. by   mom_coach_nurse
    Quote from almostmadeit
    There are literally no good high paying jobs besides nursing. I realize that now.
    Nothing is high paying off the bat.
  3. by   MPKH
    Money shouldn't be the ONLY reason you do nursing. I've read your other posts, and I get the feeling that you are drawn to nursing because of (potential) high income and (perceived) job stability. Don't do nursing for those things alone--or you'd feel "stuck" a few years down the road. Do something YOU enjoy.
  4. by   NewRN2008
    only one comment, if you dont like it, didnt like, you wont grow to like it. please dont do it unless your heart is in it.
  5. by   sapphire18
    Not true. Try being a CNA first. See if you like that. If not, then try another field. I always thought being a paramedic would be fun if I hadn't gone into nursing. That takes a LOT of knowledge and skill, too though...definitely not an easy way to some quick money.
  6. by   samadams8
    OK, here it is. Even if you love so many aspects of nursing--even if you you have found your niche--even if you really strive to have a great attitude--um, a person can become miserable in the role for a good many reasons. So, if you aren't into it, please consider not doing it.

    IMHO, there are already too many disgruntled, burned out, miserable, and just unhappy nurses in the field. Some of that came for them over time, and for some folks, well, they thought it was going to be something other than it is.

    On top of that (and I truly expect to get slammed for saying this), there are too many insecure people in the field. No, not all.

    Many people just aren't in touch with their lack of ability to work together, be flexible and supportive of each others--regardless of clique or faction formations--that is, they don't get the concept of forming coalitions with other nurses for the ultimate good of nursing. So, they can't find common ground toward that aim and choose to work together without infighting. There are some that just strive to be on top of their game, but can't do so without trying to intimidate, manipulate, or out-do others.

    And then there are the poor folks that just want to do their best, but are wrongly viewed as being competitive and vicious ladder-climbers, when indeed that may totally not be the case. I'm always amazed at how much jealousy there can be in nursing. I scratch my head, and I really don't get it. There are a lot of nurses that don't get the whole "You're OK, I'm OK" thing.

    So, there's this gross lack of security, objectivity, balance, and fairness in the field; that is, IMHO--and I think after 20 years of hard work and striving to do right, I am entitled to my opinion.

    Unless something has really changed within you or you just think you didn't give it a fair enough shot early on--OR if you think you were more on the young and immature side--don't go back into the field.

    It's not worth it to make maybe $20 extra per hour. $15/hr(40 hours) is about $30,000. $30/hr is about $60,000. That may seem like a lot to some folks, but it's not really--especially if you are miserable doing something, are working off-shift & holidays & weekends, are dealing with all kinds of stress and getting your hands dirty. You have to be OK with all that, plus the sad disunity that may accompany the team or group with whom you may end up working.

    Get something for now that will help pay the bills and go back to school for something your really like--and hopefully is more marketable.

    Education can be a political pain in the butt, but if you like it, and are good at it, there can be many more benefits to it than working in nursing.

    Or, perhaps if you go back to nursing school, and then you could also work on getting a school nurse certificate--or try occupational health. You really have to do your research and take some time to think about it--after doing your homework (research) that is.

    Good luck to you!
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  7. by   joanna73
    I'm not impressed with the system of nursing, and many nurses feel the same (staffing, unrealistic pt ratios, etc....) However, nursing for the sake of helping others, and the ability to be stimulated will make me stay. I will just switch specialties eventually. If you aren't truly interested in nursing, and your primary motivation is money, you won't be content. There is no amount of money that could make me take a job I didn't enjoy on some level.
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
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  9. by   Glycerine82
    Quote from cally527

    I just love that she is young enough to still think that starting at $50K makes it a rich profession. Please keep that attitude about money!
    50k is a whole lot better than 19k lol. What I could do with that salary........

    "No day but today"
  10. by   BiBi777
    Since you're only 22....why don't you join the military?
    Decent pay, bene's, job advancement, paid vacations, food/housing provided, paid training.
    Yes, you're a gov't worker...BUT, if you play your cards right, you could walk out after 4-8 years and get a job paying much MORE than the
    you're looking at. Just be careful about what job you pick.
    Plus being a veteran has it's own benefits
    Both of my daughters decided to join the navy, I was army and my DH was Coast Guard Reserve.
    Just my 2 pennies thrown in.
    I'll say a prayer for you in discerning your best path
  11. by   BiBi777
    NewRN- AMEN! I've met a few nurses who "Did it for the money" and they HATE their job, they hate their very of them is a HOSPICE nurse!!!!!!
    *SHUDDER* anybody wanna chew on that thought??
    Hate job/hate life/ caring for end of life......S*C*A*R*Y!
  12. by   NyteshiftLVN
    Quote from almostmadeit
    I know, I am not evil. I just need to find a way to survive! I am almost on the streets right now. I am 22 no job and since I failed, my parents want me to move out unless I can find a high paying job like nursing. Nurses make 50k entry level. I am so stupid to let it go
    I am sorry your parents are not the most supportive, I can empathize. I lived with my parents though-out nursing school and I had my daughter with me, they practically counted the minutes. But if nursing isn't what you want to do I'm not sure why they would try make you. If your parents truly want you to be successful, you need to have a conversation with them. Maybe sit down and talk about getting a part time job and returning to college while you make a plan for what you want to do. My parents insisted that in addition to caring for my daughter that I was completing some combination of full time hours either work/school, full time school or full time work and school would be the only option of not having to pay rent. If I choose to only work full time, some amount of rent would be negotiated.
  13. by   Steven Price LPN
    if you want to make a quick buck and help people i suggest getting your LPN and go into massage, 48 states regulate it as a LEGITIMATE profession with certain requirements the potential is there to earn six figures if you do it right
    i'm not trying to scam you i'm a massage therapy student and a nurse, i have personally researched these links and used their contents for papers in school i don't believe in scamming people and i will only post LEGIT websites
    i hope this helps and good luck
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