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    I am hoping I can get some advice on a situation I am experiencing. I went on an interview with state and went on one an ER. I heard back from the state job today with an offer for employment. I am excited about this, BUT my heart is in emergency medicine. I spoke with the nursing recruiter for the ER position and she stated as soon as all the interviews are conducted she would inform me of the Nurse Managers decision. I do not want to accept the offer with the and then get a call from the ER with an offer as well. But, I do not want to turn down this job offer and be left with no job at all if the ER does not pan out. Any advice?!
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    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
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    Take the job that is offered. If they are waiting until all interviews are done it is likely you didn't get the job. If you did, you can simply tell the state another opportunity has come up and you will not be completing your orientation.
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    I am in the same situation! What I have done to give myself a little more time for the 1 job to notify me (the nurse manager interviewing me said point blank that they had outsourced their HR dept and it could take more than a week for me to find out if I had been hired) is to tell the job I already have an offer from that I need to work out adequate notice with my current employer... Which isn't exactly true because it's per diem, but it has given me a little extra time.
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    Take the job, but keep your options open...
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    Take the job. Almost all jobs come with a probationary period. If during that time you get offered the ER job you can decide then if you're still interested. If you do get offered the job and decide you want it you can inform the state you have been offered a job that will fit you better. Besides, even after offered a hospital job it usually takes at least a month before you'll start working there.
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    in todays economy, "a bird in the hand, is worth a dozen in the bush"
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    Take the state job; you have a job in hand NOW; you don't know if you have the ER job unless they said "you're hired".
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    I wouldn't decline an offer. If you interviewed for the position, there was some interest from both parties. Also, hiring managers generally make offers immediately but continue with the formality of interviewing, in case I met some dream employee who forced me to open up a second position.
    I would go with the state and transfer within the hospital. This is my two cents, and it doesn't not reflect the views/values of allnurses...LOL
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    Thanks everyone for the advice. I guess you guys are right in that fact that I more than likely did not get the ER position. I guess will just call tomorrow and accept the State position. Once again, thank you all for the advice!
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