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Kaligirl02 has 13 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, LVN, RN, APRN, NP and specializes in NICU( RN), Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

MA 2006, LVN 2012,  RN-ADN 2015, RN,BSN 2016, MSN, APRN, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) 2019

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  1. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner jobs

  2. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner jobs

    Hi all! I am in the process of moving to the Gig Harbor area this summer/fall and have been having a bit of a hard time locating employment. I have had no such luck with Seattle Children’s or Mary Bridge. Are there any Pediatric Urgent Cares or priva...
  3. PNP review

    Hi everyone! I will be finishing my PNP program this April and am looking for resources to review for boards. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Regis FNP, PNP online

    Hi! I'm currently in thier ONLINE MSN program, going into my 4th semester in Jan. So far I like Regis and have not had too many issues with it being a new online program. The dean is readily available when needed, the professors call and check in on...
  5. Maryville v USA v Regis (PMHNP)

    I'm going into my third semester at Regis, C/O May 2019. Out of the four courses I've done so far, two of them did have group work... We have Skype meetings about every other week, the professors call you out of the blue to check in on you and ask if...
  6. New NP student...help!

    OP: I'd most definitely stay where you are. It's easier, to me, to focus on my studies since I know my job fairly well. I think it would hard to learn a new role while going to school. I decided not to become ECMO certified (my dream) due to not want...
  7. Regis College Online FNP

    Sounds great! I'll inbox you my email address.
  8. Hanhart syndrome

    Wondering if anyone here has taken care of a sweet baby with Hanhart syndrome with ventriculomegaly ex vacuo? I'm taking care of an infant with this syndrome and can't seem to find any journals with the two diagnoses together. Any information on edu...
  9. Current Regis ANP students

    Hello all! I am about to start my third graduate class at Regis College (PNP), and was hoping to start a thread for us students. Please feel free to introduce yourself! location: texas program: PNP current specialty: NICU (IV) future prospect: Pedi ...
  10. Regis College Online FNP

    Hi! i am finishing my second class at Regis, via online. I am doing the Pediatric NP program, and so far I do not have any complaints. The professors seem to actually want to help you so you can succeed in the class, and they communicate with them cl...
  11. Any PC-PNP students around?

    Hi all!! i just started my MSN program in January and wanted to see how other PNP students are doing and possibly keep up with each other throughout the process. A little about myself, NICU RN in a level 4 Nicu. I started off as an MA in 2006, LVN an...
  12. Regis FNP, PNP online

    Would you say that they are not properly educated? Thank you for responding!
  13. Regis FNP, PNP online

    Thank you. I looked and saw that the College is a certified center for excellence, so that is what made me look into it further. Not that many colleges are, from what I've heard. Did you go to Regis?
  14. Regis FNP, PNP online

    Hi everyone! I am looking for current information on Regis College online MSN program. I am still in the early stages of looking fit schools, and I was told about this school from one of the PNPs at my hospital. Are there current students or recent...
  15. Christus diff pay

    Hi everyone! I am a new hire at Chritus and was too excited when I received the call for employment to ask some follow up questions. I've tried calling back the recruitment department, but no reply back. I do know that I will be getting an extra $2....