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    I've been a nurse for 2 years and I'm at cross road. I have to decide whether to continue to further my education or leave nursing all together. I've worked in a few hospitals it's all the same. We have become jaded or accustomed to unsafe working conditions. A part of me is questioning the direction of where healthcare is heading and I'm not sure if I want to do it anymore. Trust me, I know that this is not an original question. I have seen many nurses come on here and asking about leaving the profession. I've heard them say over and over how they have invest and sacrificed so much that it's hard for them to walk away. I don't see any NP's around me ask about the job satisfaction so that's why I'm asking everyone here. The thing is I've never really thought about doing anything else. If I leave, I feel lost because I'm not really good at doing anything else, but yet conditions of being a nurse is sometimes too overwhelming. Has anyone on here ever successfully pursued something else?

    P.S. My former co-workers encouraged me to travel. I resisted for a while and finally took the plunge and boy, I'm paying for it. I went from a fixed nurse to pt ratio of 1:6 to 1:11. (I'm relieved it's only 13 weeks). I've lost my confidence in traveling. The fear of never knowing what to expect. But I guess it's the nature of nursing. I've started to develop depression because I feel as if I can't change the situation our pt's and nurses.
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    Its a toughie, all i can say is follow your heart and I know that is rather cliche.....
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    Although I have never felt the way you do, I understand what you're saying. I think I was born to be a nurse. I say further your education and maybe get into a management position. I did bedside for 4 years and now I work in a prison. I'm in a BSN program now and am looking forward to the doors it will open. I don't think I could EVER go back to bedside, expecially in a state with no ratio.
    I traveled for a while in California and had a WONDERFUL experience!!! They do have ratios so you will not get 11 patients. That is crazy!!!
    Hang in there!!! Good luck to ya
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    How about, why not try working in a home health pediatric? You only take care of one pt in 8hr or 12hr shift, its very slow pace.
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    Travel nursing is utilized for places that have high turnover and who can't seem to keep their nurses. Gee I wonder why! So therein you can be working in difficult situations because there is a reason for such high turnover, usually poor working conditions and high patient ratio's.

    They are counting on money being enough of a lure for travel nurses to put up with the poor working conditions their own nurses won't! Keep looking and ask about staffing ratios before you take another travel job.

    When you are ready to settle down in a place work agency and check out all the hospitals that way and then if you find a good one you will have an in to get hired. It is hard to find a good one, but they do exist. Union places and the VA would be good places to start. The VA probably has the best pay and benefits in nursing anywhere in the country! They actually reimburse your tuition and even pay for your BSN if you get it and then you actually get a sizeable pay increase for having a BSN, most places give you a dollar if they even give you any more for it. I know coworkers who have gone to the VA, it generally is a long process, sometimes months and lots of background checking, heard they even get in touch with your neighbors. But if you get in your home free. They were involved in computerized charting and med administration from the beginning and they have made the hospitals no lift environments with state of the art equipment! Check it out!

    Can anyone working at a VA hospital give feedback on their experience, working conditions, and hiring process, etc?
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    I have ben a nurse for 3 years and feel like I want to get out of nursing at times also. It is not the patients but the constant anxiety of finishing on time and feeling overwhelmed a lot of the time. I love the hands on care of patients and feel like there is never enough time to devote to patient care. I stay because I really enjoy patient care and I have put in too much blood, sweat and tears into becoming an RN.
    I would not get out of the profession until you have explored other opportunities with in nursing. I do understand your frustration though.
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    If you are considering education for a different field already, then why not look at a field that would build on your nursing experience? As a LPN I thought I wanted out of nursing and I went on to get a degree in Health Information Management. While going through the HIM program I discovered that I was drawn to all the positions that were close to nursing! :-) So now, I am back in school to get RN credentials and hope to combine that with RHIA to make the best of both worlds.
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    I did a phone interview with manager prior to taking the job. I specially asked her what the ratio was and she said 1:7. So can you imagine how much anger I felt after the first week? She should have told me the truth. I was so livid, I wanted to call the agency and get out of the contract. The contract will be completed in January and believe me, I will NEVER work for that facility again. Thank you for all your advice.
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    what agancy is that?
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    Did you ask the manager why she lied to you. Why you have 11 patients and not 7 that you had agreed to. Could you just back out of the contract?
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