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  1. RHIA, RN

    Any jobs in the Ada area?

    The new Chickasaw hospital is called Chickasaw Nation Medical Center, they changed the name when they moved into the new facility. They say that they will be hiring more staff but I rarely see openings posted. I know that they use agency nurses in their ED. The website for their emplopyment openings is http://www.chickasaw.net/ scroll to the bottom and click on careers. If you are interested in LTC there are VA facilities in Sulphur and Ardmore. Good luck.
  2. RHIA, RN

    CDC advice on Zombies

  3. RHIA, RN

    A Funny Moment in LTC...

    Oh man, I used to work LTC at the VA . . . one guy in there was always giving me the what for. One day the aide that was in this room with me was a Filipina girl, tall and skinny. The resident asked me "What are you anyway? Hawaiin? You can't be be Filipina, you're too fat!". I busted out laughing and said " ______ , you're probably right.". The aide was so embarrassed and she kept telling the resident "you can't say that." He promptly told her " I'm 76 years old, I can say what the h* ll I want." Gotta love 'em.
  4. RHIA, RN

    I cried

    Wow, you're doing great. My first 6 months on med/ surg I cried every day. I mean by the time I made it to my truck I had tears going. Made me crazy. The first day I realized I was driving home and I WASN'T crying . . . I felt like that was an accomplishment. Ditto being with a patient as they pass, I always felt like it was a blessing to be with someone as they leave, especially if they would have been alone.
  5. RHIA, RN

    GPA for acceptance????

    I'm not sure about the rest of it but I'll tell you that I was suprised to find out at my school if you had to retake a course then you get less points for it even if you make an A, and if you have to retake it more than once then the most points you can get for it is the point they give for a C even if you make an A. Good luck.
  6. RHIA, RN

    Will it be worth it?

    I couldn't agree with this post more . . . I've seen the situation too many times. Best of luck to you.
  7. RHIA, RN

    Ihs nursing scholarship recipients

    They tell you the minimum requirements but I think the OP is asking what the recipient's GPA actually was . . . like at my school the minimum GPA to get into the nursing program is 2.7 but usually all of those that get in have a 3.2 or higher. BTW, I am an IHS scholarship hopeful :)
  8. RHIA, RN

    Just for fun; Quotes you use for encourgement

    I was going to say this one too! I also like "Acta non Verba" which means Action not words. (USS Mason) Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.
  9. I don't think ear plugs are the answer. I'm not one to ignore cheating and I would be insanely mad if my instructor admitted knowing about it and didn't do anything. I wish that I had an alternative for you. Good luck finding a solution.
  10. RHIA, RN

    Advice please

    I will finish my bachelor this week. I think I will end up going for RN. Thank you all.
  11. RHIA, RN

    Advice please

    Makes sense. Thank you.
  12. MBARNBSN, I want to thank you for this explanation. I will be graduating with a BS in Health Information Management next Saturday and the most enjoyable parts of my clinicals have been in UM, QI, IDI Specialist type roles . . . where nearly all of the people I followed were RNs. My instructor keeps telling me that I don't need to get my RN because I can work in these fields with an RHIA. I have only met two people that do work in UM with RHIAs, lovely ladies but I saw plain as day where a lack of clinical knowledge hinders them. Maybe I am drawn to these fields because of my experience as a LPN, I don't know, but I still feel like I need to get my RN to be able to make a living at it.
  13. RHIA, RN

    straddling the fence

    qualities of my favorite charge nurse/ house supervisor ever! sandee my dear, i miss you!