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im an introvert who is having a hard time only recently. for some reason i know it is hurting me regarding jobs. is psych a good field to go into for an introvert? home care was ok but it seems... Read More

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    Quote from smartnurse1982
    I am the type of person who tends to get the job done. i love to talk to the patients but not the staff. (in my spare time( a very big if) i sit and talk about past times or with the children and play candyland.) i have a struggle talking with my co workers because i dont talk about what i did last night,patients,personal things so i think that tends to put co workers off some. calling docs im fine with.
    I don't blame you...I think that's totally natural..and you are smart for being that way! I'm learning to be the same way also. It sounds more like a perfect balance if you ask me.

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    interesting post! I feel like I'm an introvert also... I'm a calm & quiet person and I guess somewhat boring. Sometimes when i'm hanging out in a group, I like to listen & observe more than talk. Sometimes I just don't know what to talk about lol. But anyway, there are some fields that you may consider that doesn't require a lot of talking. Psych is def. out of the list b/c you will need to constantly talk to your patients. I would say neonatal icu ... nice & quiet BUT you'll have to educate and talk to the parens & family. Perhaps school nursing (talk to lil kids and you pretty much work alone). I think there are times when EVERYONE doesn't want to talk to their coworkers and just want to finish up their work. You'll find your niche
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    I am also kind of introverted...not to say that I am socially inept or that I am scared to interact with other people. In fact, I always get along great with my patients, especially those that are difficult to deal with. BUT...I like to go to work and get stuff done, not looking to chit chat about personal matters, not interested in everyone else's life or telling them all about mine. So, I have the perfect job...I am an RN on the FLOAT TEAM. Every night I have a different assignment on a different floor. I know the nurses just well enough to know who I can trust to help me if needed and generally no one backs me into a corner to tell me all about their personal problems. The best part about it is that I have found that the REALLY nice nurses, the ones that I would actually like to talk to, become very apparent. They are the ones who smile and say hi when I show up on their floor, they say hi when we see each other in the cafeteria, etc.

    So, that's my vote for the best job for us "introverts", the float team!
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    I find that i tend to do best with positions that keep me busy (mentally/physically) and with a fair amount of autonomy. Psych was not my favorite...i found the borderline's exhausting..but who doesnt?
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    I am a school nurse and an introvert. For me it is a good fit. I don't mind talking to the little kids, it is adults that drain me, LOL! I am the only nurse, although I do "socialize" with the office staff at least enough to not be considered a snob, and I have become friends with one teacher and one office staff person. There are days when people (adults and kids alike) are in and out of my office all day, or I have to spend what seems like the entire day on the phone, or one of those parents come in who is a BIG talker, and I come home absolutely drained. For the most part, I keep to myself in my office and take care of the kids as they come in.
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    I enjoyed reading this thread. I can come off as shy because I don't divulge my personal feelings or what I did last night for that matter with people I don't know or don't trust. The nurses where I work share way too much in my opinion
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    Wow you sound exactly like me when I first started. Co workers would say I dont smile enough and I always found myself NOT in the "in" crowd. Yet I always connected well with my patients.

    I soon found out that as a nurse it was essential to form a good working relationship with all members of the team. Even if it meant faking it.

    I learned this lesson a little too late. But I did learn that being assertive, friendly, and smiling with others goes a long way.

    Maybe try smiling more even if you dont chit chat much.
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    I'm so glad that OP posted this. I am definitely an introvert. Social siuations totally drain me. I prefer to interact via forums and facebook . I have one really close friend and other than that I pretty much keep to myself. I feel that I struggled with nursing school because of this. Although in my last semester I got alot better. I haven't started working yet so I guess we will see how it goes. I just hate trying so hard to be social when its not consistent with my personality.
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    PI, QA etc lots of data collection.
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    I'm definitely an introvert to the core. I struggled through nursing school and had people doubt my abilities all the time because I don't socialize enough. Especially nights, lots of chit chatty nurses talking about any and everything. I'm currently a new grad in the ICU and hate it. I think my niche may be the OR but it will take some time getting there. Actually I had thought about psych b/c maybe I would be able to relate to the pts more b/c of my social anxiety.

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