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  1. Pmkn10RN

    UM, how many reviews per day?

    I wasn't hired for the position. Sorry I don't have any additional information to share or even about the interview since it was two years ago. Good luck.
  2. Pmkn10RN

    Night Shift or Day Shift while in FNP program?

    I'm wondering the same thing and look forward to seeing the responses.
  3. Pmkn10RN

    better future opportunities as NP or CM?

    Thank you. I will be paying for school with a combination of money I've saved, scholarships, and employer tuition reimbursement. There is no way to know 100% what's the best decision so fingers crossed on this one.
  4. I've been a nurse for a few years and recently started NP school and I find myself wondering if this is the right career path for me. I do think I would enjoy working as a NP, but I also feel like I would enjoy case management too as this is something I've looked into in the past. I just wanted to get others opinions about whether being a NP or case manager(work from home) would provide better long term career opportunities/flexibility. Whatever path I choose I'm only looking for part time work. I'm a person that changes their mind more than I'd like so, I'm trying hard to figure out what would be best for me. Any thoughts?
  5. Pmkn10RN

    Austin area salary

    Thank you for responding. I currently live in an area where the cost of living is higher and I make in that range now. I'd be happy if I was offered that range!
  6. Pmkn10RN

    Austin area salary

    Hello. I recently found out I'll be relocating for my husbands job. I've been a RN for almost 6 years and was wondering how much I could expect to earn in the Austin area? Any recommendations for hospitals?
  7. Pmkn10RN

    Resignation time frame

    I feel silly asking this....but what is the time frame for a two week resignation? If I'm working full time 3 12 hour shifts....do it give notice so I have 6 shifts to work or 14 days worth of shifts?
  8. Pmkn10RN

    Interview attire

    Thank you all for responding! I figured the respectable thing for me to do was to dress up but I just wanted to check to see if I could get out of it . I'll wear black slacks and a nice button down top.
  9. Pmkn10RN

    Interview attire

    Hello everyone. I will be interviewing soon for a school nurse job. I work night shift at my hospital and will be leaving work and heading directly to the school for an interview in morning. Would it be inappropriate or looked down upon to wear scrubs(navy) to the interview? I do have my go to interview outfit but I'm not sure I'll have much time to change into it. What would you do?
  10. Pmkn10RN

    Do give up your seat for a doctor?

    In the unit I work on attendings come in the rooms/pods to round with residents on pts. All of the older nurses leap out of their seats to let the doctors sit. If I 'm charting or doing some other sort of meaningful work I will remain seated (if I was reading a magazine. I 'd get up). I thought it was old school...nursing giving up their chairs for doctors
  11. Pmkn10RN

    New Grads - Share your success at getting your 1st Job

    I graduated in May and was offered a job in March. I had no contacts at the hospital....I relied on my work experience and cover letter and it worked. Start applying as early as the recruiters will allow you to. Be persistent and sell yourself! My teachers said applying in January was too early...I'm glad I didn't listen to them.
  12. Pmkn10RN

    Extreme stress about NCLEX exam in a week!

    when you review the questions from kaplan do you just read the rationale and move to the next question? i’m only asking because the way i studied was to read the rationale and then look up the topic in the kaplan/and/or sauders (even if i got the question right i'd look up the content). if you're constant looking at the material it'll stick in your head. if i wasn't familiar with content that was in one of the answer choices, i'd look that up too. it takes longer than just reading the rationale but i found it very helpful.
  13. Pmkn10RN

    Kaplan qtrainer 7

    it means you got a 60%....that's all. they recommend 60-65%, so i'd say you're fine. focus on reviewing all 265 questions from that test instead of worrying about your score.
  14. Pmkn10RN

    New Grad NICU Support Thread

    I found out today I passed my NCLEX RN! I’ve had a job lined up for a few months, but I wanted to wait to post here until I passed the NCLEX (so I didn’t jix myself). I’m starting in August in a level III. I feel so blessed to not only have a job, but in the specialty I love! :)
  15. Pmkn10RN

    Pearson Vue Trick - Poll once you receive your results

    It worked (of course!).
  16. Pmkn10RN

    Kaplan versus the real deal.....

    Kaplan's questions were harder than the exam I took today. I felt Kaplan involved more critical thinking and the NCLEX was more straightforward.