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Peds OR as RN, Peds ENT as NP
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NP Sam specializes in Peds OR as RN, Peds ENT as NP.

Went from CNA Sam to RN Sam to NP Sam! What a journey it has been.

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  1. AANP National Conference 2017 Roll Call

    I'm going! I'm excited. I signed up for Spanish, aromatherapy class... wide variety:)
  2. Graduation Vacation?!

    Had a December graduation. Went to Costa Rica-amazing! For my first "NP vacation" explored Canadian Rockies... August/September is great time to visit.
  3. New Grad FNP. Work in FL or AZ?

    My advice is to not get hung up on the location but the actual offers (contract) you receive. Apply in FL and AZ. I am in FL and feel salaries are lower, but if you can find employment with benefits and income that work for you you'll be fine! Best ...
  4. How easy is it to go from FNP-ACNP

    I think after you already have MSN you need only post masters certificate in acute care, requiring a few specialty classes and clinicals. From what I found programs are only one year.
  5. Eliminating Physicians/Medical Schools

    We always will need physicians, they should never be eliminated.
  6. Meaning of your username?

    Yes it is. In my younger (immature) days I used to put "holla" in front of everything, so glad I didn't decide to make my username "Holla At RN Sam." And btw, visiting Hobbiton in New Zealand is on my bucket list and I have this sign in my kitchen :...
  7. Meaning of your username?

    Started here as CNA Sam, then changed to RN Sam, and finally now NP Sam. I'm so done.
  8. Which EHR do you use at your practice

    Nextgen in clinic, cerner in hospital
  9. Essay Help

    -When you write this essay you want to be concise, clear, and authentic. They read many of these several times yearly so you want to stand out as best you can. - I have always told prospective students that there FIRST sentence should grab my attent...
  10. Need Help! Contract Negotiation

    I signed a noncompete too, but 10 miles within same specialty. 30 miles is insane. Definitely wouldn't sign three year contract either. At 75k with two years experience, you are being taken advantage of. You are billing $350,000 and deserve a portion...
  11. Get CNA cert? Before NP?

    At what point in your program will you be able to get RN license? I would try to find a job as an RN, even if PRN. No need to get CNA license if you are in NP program.
  12. Negotiating my salary is exhausting!

    I hope you are aware we are discussing new grad NP and not RN. I would not tell anyone to take an NP job for 32/hr with their eyes closed. Please keep your eyes open fellow new grads :)
  13. OR nurse to NP?

    I am an OR nurse and will be done with my MSN program in December. Sometimes I feel I do not know enough, but it is all in my HEAD. I am doing great in school. I will say that I have to review things often because working in the OR there are just som...
  14. NP with only OR experience

    Go for it! I am an OR nurse currently in PNP program. It will not hold you back. You bring something special to the table. Who knows where I will end up when I am done.
  15. Tampa, Florida

    All Children's in St. Pete is an option also. If you are interested in only kids.