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  1. Army Nurse Reserves process

    Age cut off is 42 but for the reserves you can request an age waiver. I'm 47 and just applying now. I'm in good health and reasonable shape so I'm hopeful. I have my BSN, 20 years of experience and working on my MSN in nursing education. We'll see.
  2. IS Gluttony a Disease or Choice?

    It's a choice ... we choose to eat more then we should... we choose not to go exercise... we choose to sit in front of the computer (as I am right now). I think everyone is forgetting this is a fairly recent phenomena. It has to do with a change in ...
  3. How did you get started as a nurse educator????

    I'm working as a clinical instructor in two different programs - one is with the NA's and the other with the ADN students. Most community colleges are always accepting applications for clinical instructors, get your foot in the door, gain experience...
  4. That's like asking has there ever been an incident that made you regret getting married? So yes there have been brief moments .... when they admit the foul mouth, over dose who is kicking, bitting and spitting at everyone. And I have to call the loc...
  5. Question about staff ratios?

    "The generally accepted ratio has been 1:7 max on days and 1:8 max on nights." Your kidding right? Exaggerating? OMG that seems so unsafe. BTW this is not just a tele floor for those who haven't taken care of fresh heart and lung surgery patients....
  6. You can educate in any nursing setting. It's really up to you as the nurse on how much pt education you choose to do.
  7. ADN: Is it worth it?

    A lot of places do not pay more for a BSN vs an ADN. Both have an RN degree. What is it that you really want to know? You will never get rich as a nurse.
  8. How do you stay sexy in nursing school

    Are you kidding me? Is this a serious question?
  9. When do I initial the M.A.R.?

    After the patient takes the meds.
  10. Are these teachers the norm, or just lucky?

    It really depends on what you love to do as a nurse. Yes the pay is lower but there are often other benefits such as state insurance and teachers retirement. And as you already mentioned better hours (unless you work in a program that does evening ...
  11. After 20+ years, this is the first time I've ever heard of this .... a new grad hired in a long term care facility reported that during orientation that her 'preceptor' another nurse, told her that if the residents refused to take their oral medicati...
  12. Platelet Transfusion Rate

    Usually as fast as you can give them. If they need them they need them right away.
  13. Allied Health Coordinator

    I am interviewing for a Allied Health Faculty Coordinator position in a few days. This is a position in a local community college and is over the CNA program. I have some teaching experience - as a clinical instructor in a nursing program. My long...
  14. Troubles as a new manager

    I've been working as a NM now for 3 months and I hate it and have given notice. It is just not a good fit for me. I am an educator and mentor at heart and as a result I want to be on the floor with the staff all the time -- the staff love it but my...
  15. are filter needles necessary?

    Filter needles are not a new idea or practice in the US - I've been nursing more then 20 years and they've been around the whole time.