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  1. Ambitiouz

    Confessions Of A Nurse With Poor Interpersonal Skills

    Thanks for this article. I'm another one with poor interpersonal skills. SInce I'm a quiet and reserved introvert I often get judged as antisocial by coworkers. I simply loathe small talk and engaging in conversations about the personal lives of others. It's a acting game the minute I come on shift. I lack the likeability factor as well. I find myself wondering why I am this way all the time. I know a lot of it stems from shyness and my inability to hold a conversation. When I talk...I like to make every word count. People ask why I am so quiet, and I sometimes say...what's wrong with being quiet, it's not a crime. But I realize it's seen as especially odd to be a quiet nurse. I am definitely incompatible with the typical nursing personality.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Being able to look back on how you made it through is very gratifying. Your story reminds me of how I also faced a lot struggles in my educational journey. I spent 3 yrs working at fedex and a couple other dead end jobs. I realized that I needed some transferrable skills and nursing would provide that. I often wish I did the LPN route first, and I would have gone that route if my last attempt to getting into an associate RN program didnt work out.
  3. Ambitiouz

    OCCC or OSU-OKC?

    I graduated from OSUOKC's program last May and I can say I highly recommend their program. They do actually have profs that care which is something that a lot of programs do not have. Also OSUOKC is a smaller class and the profs seem to be more willing to nuture you and help you to succeed. Nowadays I think people just go to where ever they are accepted. So apply to both if you can. I also want to second what the previous poster said about people actually valuing the OSU name, they always assume it's the stillwater campus that I attented but either way you do have a sense of belonging to a university. Both are rigorous programs but I do not regret going to OSUOKC at all. If you know for sure that you want to switch tracks then it would been beneficial for you to save the rest of your hours for the pre-reqs instead.
  4. Ambitiouz

    Job Offer - but in Psych

    I'm a new grad and already have a job but I really want to try psych myself. I didnt go for psych b/c I was worried about get medical skills. But I will try psych eventually. It doesnt scare me lol. I say go for it, it's best to choose that first job wisely anyways since you want to be there at least a year to build experience. You can still later get a parttime job in another area for those medical skills.
  5. Ambitiouz

    VA hospital nursing in Oklahoma

    thanks for starting this thread, I am also interested in working for the VA in the future and can't find any info in the OK forum. I believe they do 80 hr work weeks, so it would be the 6 12's and an additional 8 hr shift per pay period. But I also hear the benefits make it worth it.
  6. Ambitiouz

    Scared Of Poop!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!

    I'm still working on getting over poop. I still rather deal with sputum or vomit. But working where I work, I've learned to not let it bother me so much
  7. Ambitiouz

    Did you leave soon after your "One Year"?

    Just wondering if you guys are including orientation time in your 1 year experience. I'm 7 months in my first job including orientation time. My unit is notorius for hiring new grads all the time and not retaining them. I know there is no perfect job but I just dont see the point in staying where I am not at least semi happy. I would leave now but even I really want to finish out the semester in my rn-bsn courses to avoid new job stress too.
  8. Ambitiouz

    New grad in ICU needing advice

    Don't really have advice but feel that I'm in a similar situation. I am also a new grad about 7 months into my first RN job in the ICU. Its a mix of medical and surgical ICU. I only got 3 months of a sketchy orientation and wasn't taken seriously when I asked for more time, they were more concerned about filling staffing holes than whether I was ready. At least 4 months would've been more adequate for a new grad. And I also signed a 2 yr contract and revoked it because I don't want to stay longer than 1 year. Life is too short for that. It's really not that bad for those new grads that really want the ICU, I mean want it bad. But for me...I didnt, I just accepted the first job offer I got which was a big mistake. I should've went on more interviews. For me personally ICU is not a good fit. But many other new grads are thriving and progressing quickly.
  9. Ambitiouz

    Top Paying Hospital In the OKC Area?

    I agree with commuter. OKC is very low-paying overall hospital wise, I think going per diem or trying a nursing home would be the best bet. I intend to relocate after a year so I can get better compensation. I only know of the VA hospital paying slightly more for BSNs.
  10. Ambitiouz

    4 year RN pay at OU Medical Center

    I know of an RN with about 1 year ICU experience who transfered to OU, and I believe she gets about 22 an hr. I guess it's like a $1 per year experience.
  11. Ambitiouz

    Should new grads start in ICU?

    I guess I'm an odd ball as I didnt want ICU. I'm about 6 months into my first RN job in the ICU and desperately want out. I only accepted it because of the economy and how hard it was for new grads to get jobs. But my gut told me before starting that I wasnt ready for the ICU environment. Drips, vents, trachs, having to be assigned to codes as well as your own patients, total pt care, etc. Being on night shift, I dont feel I have the resources available to me like day shift new grads to really learn because I never see the docs. Also with ICU I get no delegation experience, no techs for help. Although u can work up to to be charge. As of now I'm trying to stick with this job for a year and transfer out. However, there are so many new grads in my ICU and a lot of them do exceptionally well. So it's doable if you have that desire and motivation. For me I just dont like this area, but who knows I may revisit it down the road.
  12. Ambitiouz

    introverted nurses -what is the best job?

    I'm definitely an introvert to the core. I struggled through nursing school and had people doubt my abilities all the time because I don't socialize enough. Especially nights, lots of chit chatty nurses talking about any and everything. I'm currently a new grad in the ICU and hate it. I think my niche may be the OR but it will take some time getting there. Actually I had thought about psych b/c maybe I would be able to relate to the pts more b/c of my social anxiety.
  13. Ambitiouz

    Done with school but don't want to start work as a nurse...

    I had the same feelings as you did. I graduated last May and just wish I would've went with my gut instincts and dropped out. But I already had invested too much time and money into getting my nursing degree. You are lucky that you have another degree to fall back on. The nursing field has a lot of problems, I saw it in NS but didnt really see how bad it was until I got my first position. Pay is very low for new RNs in my area too. So I end up going to work with unhealthy levels of anxiety and not being able to sleep before or after my workdays. So if I were you, I'd get a job outside of nursing and come back when you feel up to the challenge.
  14. Ambitiouz

    Student Loan Forgiveness for Nurses??

    Does anyone know of any loan repayment options besides HRSA? I dont think I have a good chance of acceptance with HRSA. I have roughly 12,000 in loans with 2000 of it being from Perkins. I thought there were more loan forgiveness programs out there for nurses. Seems like they are hard to come by without major strings attached.
  15. Ambitiouz

    Support Stickie for New nurses who are not coping

    I understand your rant. I actually wasn't taken seriously when I asked for more orientation time. Working as a new grad in the ICU is already stressful enough with the steep learning curve involved. I heard the highest probability of new grads losing their license is in the ICU. My unit is very cliquey. I noticed certain individuals got more orientation time and better assignments so that did it for me. Ive decided after 6 more months I will be transferring to somewhere else. Trying my best to stick with the first job for at least 1 yr so I wont have too difficult of a time transferring. The closer I get to my 3 twelves in a row the more depressed and cranky i get. I never wanted ICU as a new grad but just took whatever job I could get and now I see why this unit hires so many of us. I plan on contacting EAP, maybe that will help.