Religion Needed to be a Good Nurse? - page 33

We just covered a spiritituality/religion lesson in our BSN course and the instructor (religious) came out and said good nurses had spirituality and would be there for whatever spiritual needs the PT... Read More

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    I believe in reason...not imaginary people.

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    It is not necessary to be religious or spiritual to be a nurse, and neither makes anyone a better nurse, either. The teacher is taking liberties.
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    I'm probably the least religious person I know. As far as I'm concerned, all religions are delusions that have somehow managed to persevere to this age of scientific enlightenment.

    No, religion is not needed to be a good nurse. A sound mind, excellent critical thinking skills, and a strong back are the most essential features of a good nurse. There are some stories on here where the poster has claimed that they desire to evangelize to their patients. This is a usurping of authority of the most disgusting sort, and there is no place in any health care environment for preaching one's own religion to a captive audience. We may encourage the patient to seek comfort in their own religious or spiritual beliefs, but ours are completely irrelevant as soon as we walk in the door.
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    Are nonreligious nurses treated poorly?

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