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  1. thrn30

    Religion Needed to be a Good Nurse?

    teadcher definitly taking liberties on the topic. to be good nurse you need compassion, empathy, love, logic, organization, nurturing and understanding. you can have that with or wtithout "religion" or "spirituality.
  2. thrn30

    Nun wanting to give NPO patient wafer

    ask the patient. explain what NPO means and if it was so important to him.her, then allowing it to dissolve in mouth is proabably OK
  3. there are three subjects in life that are extremely personal and people have strong beliefs about - Religion, Politics and Nutrition. I dont fit the "norm" in any of these areas, and if i am asked what church i go to, i usually answered where ever I ...
  4. thrn30

    Do you wear rings?

    I never wore rings, braclets, or fake nails. I left my rings at home. With the constant hand washing, etc, it was useless to keep them clean, and i didnt want grems harboring in or on them. IT is a hygienic issue, even more today, than when i starte...
  5. Isn't it known that the only constant we can count on in life is change? With over three decades of nursing experience, choosing one point of my career to discuss where I have changed my focus is difficult as there have been many. My professional car...
  6. HAppy Nurses Week! this is a great story, and yes, its about the gratitude of those few patients who remind us why we do what we do. THE insanity of our jobs, with multiple personalities all exhibiting thier own stess and the nurses ability to con...