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I am not religious. I do not pray. If praying makes you feel good then awesome. Do that. When patients are religious and need spirutual support, I am the first one to find their local... Read More

  1. by   serenitylove14
    I totally agree with original poster... I once was told by a patient because I refused to engage in religious conversation, that I needed to find myself a good southern baptist church so God can save my soul. I am like no ma'am I will just keep worshiping the devil or whatever it is you think I am doing since I refused to speak about my religion with you.
  2. by   BadwomanM
    "I would not participate in applying snake oil and I dont participate in a patients delusional behavior.
    Unfortunately they have plenty of company in their delusion. Of course I dont confront them on this issue, I just ignore it. There has been a few times where I had to state that there was no god to get out of a situation. "

    We occasionally had native American patients who had particular belief systems.. in one instance, a feather that was supposed to be on the bed at all times as they believed the patient's soul was in the feather. So we respected that. We didn't have to believe in it to take care it didn't fall to the floor.
  3. by   Workitinurfava
    If it is a part of patient satisfaction scores you may be required to do it, just kidding.
  4. by   khminh
    Quote from vintagemother
    Hmmm.... I have not read the entire thread. But I think you are doing your job if u call for a chaplain to assist the family in prayer.

    As for me, myself, I love it when a pt asks me to pray with them/for them. I'm a Christian and love these opportunities.
    Of course, your job is to win souls for Yahweh. When I am in your hospital, I will ask you to meditate with me. Better yet, I will ask you to reflect on a stoic wisdom with me. Let's see how much "excitement" you can get.