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I love being a Christian Nurse. I know there are many people out there that do not share my beliefs but, I care for them the same as I would someone who shared my beliefs. I did not become a Nurse... Read More

  1. by   tarheel84
    Have you ever head of New Book and Training Program

    The Divine Mercy is Catholic based from Saint Faustina. It is very interesting and so lovely! It really shows how religion and spirituality should be in part of a patients care plan. I urge you to read this. You can order the book online. Once you've read it, you can download a test from the website and receive 8 CE's!

    God Bless!
  2. by   Vespertinas
    Ruas61 and Nursel56,

    I believe when posters like Good Morning, Gil state that their Christianity enables them to provide compassionate care, it is not to say that others are unable (as they have repeatedly stated). EVERYONE is able... but some find that their faith *guides* them in their compassion. Others may find other sources of inspiration, but we all have a reason.

    Why are some people looking for a way to turn any statement into something negative?
  3. by   dudette10
    I think many people jump to the notion of us vs. them because the core of Christianity is also divisive. Hear me out.

    Christianity requires a belief in Jesus as the one Savior in order to be saved. If you don't believe that, you are not saved, you have no promise of eternal salvation, and your death does not bring eternal life.

    In other words, if you don't believe as a Christian does, you are barred from eternal life according to the doctrine of Christianity itself.

    That's a pretty exclusive club, and the notion can continue into other discussions when the term Christian is used as a modifier of something not related to Christianity in modern vernacular, like nursing.

    ETA: Some people balk at that. I personally don't. I am an atheist married to a very devout follower of Jesus--I stop short of saying he's a "Christian" only because his beliefs are much broader than traditional Christian doctrine allows, and I feel saying he's a Christian would imply ideas about his beliefs that don't really exist. My children are being raised spiritually by my husband, and I sit quietly while those three pray...in a freakin' restaurant!!! (My younger boy's idea that my husband doesn't want to squelch, although my husband has also told me it makes him a little anxious.) So, I have a thicker atheist skin than most.
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  4. by   Sparrowhawk
    Gonna say right now..I'm a Christian and I say...who cares??????? A nurse is a nurse...what next I'm glad I'm a Christian farmer, carpenter, housekeeper, janitor, lawyer??? I'm all for standing for what you believe but that's a bit ridiculous....
  5. by   ChristinP
    Amazing...... After reading the OPs statement which I believe is just a 'happy, feel good type statement' and then reading all of the comments both negative & positive..... remembering I live in the USA land of the free

    My comment is to the OP:

    "Good for you. If it makes you feel proud and good to be a christian and a nurse then good for you"

  6. by   Vespertinas
    Quote from kikijo
    They bumped up my surgery & the Minister was in with another
    patient; my mom and I were about to pray when the nurse came in. I asked if she would like to join she declined (no problem) but then she added her two cents (as many have on here) "I don't know why people bother, the doctor is the one who is holding your life in his hands; but if you must can you do it quickly so we can get you to the OR" I was shocked...
    I am shocked too. Some people have no tact.

    (granted, I don't always either. but c'mon...basics)
  7. by   subee
    This is a spirituality forum. There is a huge ocean between religiosity ans spirituality. Religion is a form of brainwashing. Most people just follow along with what they grew up with. Sometimes the brainwashing is for the sake of good...yes, I have worked in a prison and it can be of use there. But most of the time it's a construct devoid of looking for any deeper meaning to the Great Mystery. Einstein was a deist without being a bible thumper. The original OP by the mere act of even posting Christianity and her nuursing practice liinked them together with the implicatiion that if heshe were NOT Christian, things would be different. Perhaps we should have separate forums for religion and spirituality. Religion is usually given to us, but spirituality must be earned.
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  8. by   tewdles
    Quote from MN-Nurse
    How about this: meeting the PATIENT'S spiritual needs.

    All anyone wants to talk about on this particular section appears to be their own spiritual needs.
    We must care for and meet the patients' spiritual needs. However, it is important that we also care for ourselves and that includes our spiritual health. It is crucial that we determine how to balance that in our lives lest we fall victim to compassion fatigue.

    I believe that this forum is a safe place for nurses to explore their spirituality as it affects or doesn't affect their practice.

    Not a criticism, just another perspective on the thread...
    Peace out...
  9. by   Good Morning, Gil
    lol, nowhere in my post did I say Christians are somehow superior beings to the rest of the world. In fact, we do not believe this to be true, hence the mercy and grace reference. I was simply responding to a post, and helping to support the OP who was receiving unfounded responses. She is posting on a spirituality section of allnurses; isn't that kind of the point of this section?

    And, as far as spirituality and religion, you fundamentally cannot make the distinction (this is a postmodern view that just does not make sense; I am "spiritual" as I "meditate" lol; what exactly are you meditating on? If you choose to meditate on God, money, or sex lol, then that becomes your religion as that is what you worship. Everybody chooses to worship something, even if its himself/herself, power, or money, but I digress...). One really cannot have spirituality without religion. Even athiests choose to believe in something, nothing; they do not believe in God, so they believe that after death, we just sit in the soil for a while until our bodies decompose. I normally don't talk about religion/politics with people I barely know, especially not on this kind of forum, but I just wanted to support the OP and respond to a few inquiring posts.

    I'm not going to attempt to "argue" Christianity, though; that's just not how it works.

    As far as treating patients as individuals and respecting their cultural differences, yes, I do that as do many other people of differing faiths do. I do not understand how the OP's post suggested otherwise lol.
  10. by   Merlyn
    Quote from 33762FL
    I hope there was never a question in anyone's mind that everybody is deserving of equal respect, regardless of religious belief (or lack of)
    Even people that fly air planes into buildings because their belief say that they will go to heaven that way.
  11. by   Merlyn
    Quote from kikijo
    I too was interested from the post and began to read EVERYONES postings. I find it hard to believe how judgmental some can be. "I Love Being a Christian Nurse" simply tells me who the person is. Does it make a difference in their nursing? I can't say and would not comment as if I did know. I can only comment for myself.... I can say I love being a Christian Nurse or a Nurse who is Christian. I am sad that the original poster has come under attack.. as many posts seem to.

    As I said I can only speak for myself......
    After I was diagnosed with a brain tumor; told I was not a candidate for surgery I prayed ALOT and asked God to direct me to my next path. The more time spent in the clinic, and talking with other patients the more drawn I was to nursing. It was then I quit my job and began nursing school. 1/2 way through my LPN schooling they found a hemorrhage around my tumor and decided that I was now a great candidate for surgery. They bumped up my surgery & the Minister was in with another
    patient; my mom and I were about to pray when the nurse came in. I asked if she would like to join she declined (no problem) but then she added her two cents (as many have on here) "I don't know why people bother, the doctor is the one
    who is holding your life in his hands; but if you must can you do it quickly so we can get you to the OR" I was shocked....After my surgery I finished school. And for the past 5 years I have worked as an LPN and graduated with my ADN.

    Does being a "Christian" impact my nursing? I believe it does... I accept everyone! I love and have understanding for everyone and will do the best for my patient and all works I do I do in the name of the Lord. God has brought me down this path in my life and granted me the knowledge and abilities needed to care for ALL my patients. NOT JUST OTHER CHRISTIANS! If I have a patient who asks me to pray with them I will. If they are of a different religion and ask if I will take part in a "prayer" or custom which provides them comfort pre, post or during their stay I will. I DO NOT push my beliefs onto others. I DO NOT wave a flag around intending to offend. Do I pray in public? YES! Do I pray for my patients? YES! Do I believe in the power of prayer? Yes! Do some that I work with think this is odd? YES! When i have times of trouble..I can pray to God for anything and know i have help. Do they accept me as I accept them? YES! Why? Because we respect each other. I make it a point to review my clients religious status on record and let them know of services offered; I have also taken classes on many different religious customs as well as different ethnic customs so I can be a better well rounded open minded nurse to my patients. I also donate my time and nursing skills to different organizations and charities. I believe that with my beliefs it makes me a better person, more well rounded and the ability to give quality healhcare to my patients.

    George Bernard Shaw said "There is only one religion, though there are a hundred versions of it."

    Here is an interesting link about spirituality and health care The role of spirituality in health care
    I just want to comment about the nurse that told you to hurry up when you prayed, She was, what we atheist call an Idiot *****. You just don't talk to a patient and their family like that. Now I have posted some mean things on this thread, and i'm an Atheist but when I work in LTC I carry my Church Bag, as I call it. In the bag a pair of rosaries, a catholic prayer book, a KJV bible, Jewish prayer book,Yamaka, and Handbook on witchcraft. You see as an atheist I have no trouble praying with my patient no matter what they believe. It doesn't hurt my belief but I found that it gives them comfort and really they are the only ones that count. Glad you are better, you healed. Pax Vobiscum
  12. by   subee
    Did I imply that I am an atheist? Just because one doesn't adhere to religiosity, doesn't mean that one is atheistic. That's the whole point about the reference to Einstein. If God is good enough for him, then HESHE might be good enough for me. You're assuming that because I
    don't care for the Me-Thou separation comes from rigid adherence to dogma, I'm denying the existence of G_d. In other words, that my standards are not up to yours. What does meditation have to do with anything / It's probably good for your blood pressure but I don't have the patience and my blood pressure is fine. Why is meditation a bad thing? Would you disapprove of Buddhists? They seem to be very innocuous to me.
  13. by   livin4mylilj
    Wow im almost done with school and I was worried about having no time for my family with a nursing career but this thread made me realize nurses are obviously not busy enough. Thank you for calming my fears. Now I know that the nurses who seem to have no life are only that busy because they waste time waiting to pounce on someone for saying something they don't like or don't understand, what a waste of time and breath. Grow up and get a life. I don't know how you can stand being a nurse when you are so ready to attack, and so vicious. I thought nurses were more open minded. Well anyway just glad to know I will have plenty of free time. I will choose to live my life to the fullest and be happy by booty trying to persecute everyone, that is what truly living is. For the people that want to dissect my ***** and talk crap go right ahead, knock yourself out, I won't be reading any comments anyways......okay and.......GO