Haunted Hospital??

  1. Just in time for Halloween, have you ever sensed something unusually unexplainable happen at your facility that seemed to be outside of typical reasoning? Miracles, premonitions, ghost stories, or spiritual experiences, if you will?
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  3. by   TJ'sMOM
    Our hospital floor was a pediatric floor many years ago. Although I have never experienced anything here, many patients see children or hear them.

    I used to work in an old TB hospital as a corrections nurse for youth. I never experienced anything there either, but many of the staff had. The head corrections officer was afraid to go into the basement! There seemed to be a "heavy" type feeling down there. They used to burn the bodies in incinerators down there. The building is now torn down.
    Thank you for starting this thread. I'm looking forward to hearing from -hopefully many- others!
  4. by   oceangirl1234
    At 3 am the other night, my coworker was telling me about how haunted our unit is. During the middle of the night when some co-workers have been resting on the couch in the break room, they have heard strange noises, shoes have moved, and they have heard babies cry. The abortion clinic is on the same floor...

    Never experienced it myself but still freaky nonetheless.