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    I just started a new job. I have noticed that the women nurses (not that guys have much choice) wear scrubs that are one color. where I came from, most wore print tops with a solid color pant. Does one look more professional than another?
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    Personally, I like solid colors, preferably a primary color. Print tops, and especially tops with the little bow-tie string thingy in the back, looks like something a waitress would wear. Pink is too "cutesy" for my taste. I prefer hunter, navy, cranberry, etc. I really never see a female doctor wear a printed top, nor do I see professional women such as nurse practitioners wear them. The solid color all-over is not just more professional, but is also more slimming. That is just my opinion.
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    I have to agree solid is more professional. I may not like the same colors as the next person but solids bring attention to your performance rather than your attire.
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    I think print tops overall are only appropriate on a peds floor. Bright colors don't intrigue me much either. I like darker matching scrubs.

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    Eeeh. I'd imagine that wearing solids looks more professional. I enjoy wearing what your previous unit espoused -- print tops (no cartoons, nothing all neon) with solid darker-colored bottoms.

    On the flip side, I'm not certain that a patient's negative response to me has ever been about my scrubs but I do occasionally get compliments on my scrub tops. ("Oh, that's cheerful!" etc.) I *like* wearing them so...whatever. Our docs and NPs wear dress-casual with their white coats, which obviously isn't an option for us nurses, so it's not really an issue.
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    It's just preference but I like solid, matching scrubs more. IMO, it's just more professional.
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    I like solid colors that are dark. As a new nurse I was in love with the colorful, loud prints, and cutesy tops with the draw string waist. Now I wear typical male colored plain scrubs...the kind that are not loud or figure flattering. I don't know, but it seems like people take me more seriously.
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    Whatever is appropriate per your facilities dress code policy is what the facility deems professional. Sometimes it's a specific color or type. Our facility doesn't allow denim or tennis shoes. We fought the tennis shoe part because many personnel in clinical areas wear them for work. Personally I wear a print top and solid dark colored pants. But many wear solid tops and bottoms. There's even a few who wear a dress or skirts. I think it comes down to preference and conforming to your facility's policy, then it should be fine.
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    I feel solids look MUCH more professional.
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    I agree, solid much more professional.

    I worked on a unit that had a lax dress code. One nurse there had a 'Scooby Doo' top that she wore now and then. Another nurse regularly wore a 'Tinker Bell' top. This was an adult telemetry/stepdown unit. Not at all professional in my mind.
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