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Nicknames unprofessional? - page 2

Hello all, I figured I would make this a poll so I can see the results rather than scroll through many comments (however comments are appreciated also!) So my name is Richard, I am usually never... Read More

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    Add me to the "I read the poll question incorrectly" list. In my family we have a James who goes by Jim, a Richard who goes by Dick (some people call him Rich), and 2 Stevens who both go by Steve. I don't even consider those nicknames -- they're derivatives of their given names.
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    I voted wrong as well. They are professional.

    I have been going by my "healthcare nickname" for twelve-thirteen years...they either call me by my first name or the nickname; they are interchangeable, because my nickname is the meaning of my name. No issues.

    I like my "healthcare nickname" so much, it crossed into my personal life about five years ago. It fits me and my personality professionally and personally.
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    Add me to the "answered the poll wrong" group. I see noting at all wrong with nicknames at work unless they're hurtful or embarrassing.

    I was named for my Great Grandmother, who was Katherine, but she was called "Kit." At various times in my life, I have been Kit, Katie, and Kathy. I answer to any of them. This many years later, when I hear "Katherine...", I think of my fifth grade teacher and wonder what I've done wrong this time. I've had all the above versions on my nametag.
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    I read the question in the poll box so I think I answered correctly - yes, shortened names or nicknames are professional.

    To the OP - you probably got that comment from someone who also thinks women over 40 should have short hair, not long hair.

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    Our medical director has a hard to pronounce last name and encourages everyone from nurses to patients to call him Dr X(being the first letter of his last name)
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    I'm Kimberly, prefer to go by Kim, but everyone in my dept. calls me Kimbo. Why? I have no idea.
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    I'm called 'trouble' by close nursing friends and the orderlies mainly due to the fact of my history at the hospital as a patient (many presentations) the radiographers/radiologists I'm close with call me darling, Hun, possum or matter who's in front of them.....the DON was with me and they still did it.
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    Marked mine wrong also... Richie is fine to use at work... Richard for resume as others have said.
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    Not sure what is unprofessional about a nickname, especially if it a shortened version of your given name. I could see if you were calling yourself something like "Spanky" or "Tiny." I have known a "Sunshine," a "Sunflower", a "Liberty," and a "Treasure" - all given names. Let's not forget the current trends of naming children places - "Dakota," "Brooklyn," "Cheyenne," "Heaven." Are those people unprofessional for using their given names, or is their parents who were unprofessional? Just what we need - one more way to judge each other.
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    Oops I voted no instead of yes......
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    Ugh the woman who said that to you sounds insufferable!! It's a name. And who asked her opinion on what people call you?
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    I work with a Danny, Dani, Jess, Jacquie, and Vicky.

    It's your name, go by what you want.

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    Nicknames like: Richie, John Boy, Bobby D, Kimmy, Rach.....GOOD

    Nicknames like: Stinky, pecker head, boobs of Bellevue, large marge.....BAD

    Huge difference in those groups. I don't understand AT ALL how someone could knock someone for going by something like Richie.