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I have a problem with our new DON! She/he gossips about other nurses often. I found out recently from a co-worker that this manager gossiped about me (I know it's true b/c she knew personal things that only this manager would... Read More

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    Quote from Straydandelion
    I would ignore and attempt to either change shifts, change floors or just ride it out being a professional in every sense of the word. You can always print this out and slip it under his/her door also ;-)
    Excellent resource. This particular DON should find a copy under her door within the next few days, just as soon as someone can find just the right moment to place it without being observed. For that matter, a lot of managers should find this or similar articles under their door this coming week. Just in time to start off the new year.
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    At my facility if I don't like the DON I just wait a few months for the next one to show up. Same for floor managers.

    Dilbert calls these people "bungee bosses." They show up, yammer loudly about changes and before you know it - SPROING!!!! - they are yanked out of there and replaced by the next yahoo.
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    Doesn't your facility have a "corporate compliance hot line"? Mine does, it's an 800 number and completely anonymous. My DON is unprofessional and annoying, as with all of the "higher ups".

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