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  1. nurserin

    New RNs, No job.

    Well, I am in the same boat, passed boards December of 09 as a RN, been a LPN since may of 08, I've worked in nursing homes since becoming a nurse. I have applied to multiple hospitals in my area (Sussex County, Delaware) and when I get my email response, it says I don't qualify for the position because of my lack of experience. They would rather have a position unfilled than to take a chance on a new nurse. If no one gives me a chance, how will I ever gain experience?!?!?! I love nursing and am almost sick of working in a nursing home but they just LOVE RN's there. I didn't go through hell in nursing school to lose all my "somewhat" knowledge I learned in nursing school. What can I do!!??! P.S. there is no way I can meet with anyone prior to turning in an application because all the hospitals require online applications?!
  2. nurserin

    Skin Prep QUESTION

    Hi ALL!! OK, I'm not an idiot but I am a new RN and I currently, still, working in a nursing home. I was a CNA for about 8 years in LTC, Home health and also acute care. At my work place, we (nurses) do our own treatments daily and since I have been there I noticed how much skin prep we use. We are ordered, by our WC nurse, to put it on heals, bunions, callaces, elbows, SCABS, reddened areas, (all for prevention of pressure ulcers) you name it. From experience, I have always seen skin prep as a use for "prepping" the skin (ie: wounds) for protection against tape and all that good stuff. We have minimal, actual wounds that need to be changed BID or PRN. I went to the Smith & Nephew website for some answers and it spoke of only skin protection from tape and such. I have found myself peeling fitted sheets off heels of residents who are ordered to have skin prep applied BID. To me, that seems like it's doing more harm than good. I always thought that pressure ulcers basically start from the inside out...Please correct me if I am wrong, and if I'm right, please send me info, or websites, for proof so I can show my job they are wasting their money!!! It's basically a waste of time to me and if all my patients are to be applied to every bony prominence, then do they sell it in a body wash???!!!! That just seems soooo much easier!!! Thanks so much!
  3. nurserin

    Sexually abusive doctor

    Our local tv station website is http://www.wboc.com. It isn't super great, and haven't been on in a few days, but check it out.
  4. nurserin

    Sexually abusive doctor

    Since I live in the same town as the GUILTY DOC, it's a big deal to many, and everyone that has small children is up in arms about it. I don't have children, but from hearing current/past patients parents, he left with the children every time. Also, he had one receptionist in the office. So to keep his "acts" covered, he did all himself. In his warrant, which describes his heinous acts, lengths of his videos ranged from series of 20-30 seconds to approx 8 minutes in length. It was said by the detective, (in other words) some of the most brutal attacks in child abuse history. Many people trusted him, and I had never heard negative things about him. It's scary to know that the hotline/website they set up for potential victims is over flowing. A nurse I work with said she has to email the detective a picture of her daughter who had seen him for a visit or two when she was months old, and if she hears back, her daughter has been identified in one of his videos...can you imagine?!?! I'm sure all you mothers out there can't!!! I'm hoping not.
  5. nurserin

    New DON is Unprofessional

    Doesn't your facility have a "corporate compliance hot line"? Mine does, it's an 800 number and completely anonymous. My DON is unprofessional and annoying, as with all of the "higher ups".
  6. nurserin

    Facebook and HIPPA

    I have a similar situation, except one of my co-workers/former nursing schoolmate, and former friend on Facebook, had been printing out my and a few other co-workers facebook status' and showing them to the DON. For example, on my birthday/Christmas I posted, "It's my birthday, bare mins at work". It is a waste of time to me if I am going to do something like that. I know who to trust and not to trust now. If it doesn't harmfully involve my patients/residents, then it's not worth it. This same person is one who recently became the staff coordinator from floor night shift nurse, and several times cussed out our DON...not sure what she's getting at. My job is not even posted on Facebook. Freedom of speech!
  7. nurserin

    Dear preceptor

    I love this "letter". It sure does hit the nail right on the head, but it goes for a lot of nursing or any staff in health care. I am a recent grad, I have worked in acute care as a CNA but only LTC as an actual nurse, I am terrified to go into a completely different setting, with new faces, procedures, and being "green". Personally, I feel like I still need that person behind me saying, "yes, do it that way". So, that being said, I don't want to be at work (a new orientee) any more than anyone else does, so lets make this a good day!!!! I wish it was that easy!
  8. nurserin

    Sexually abusive doctor

    I doubt his employees knew, someone would have come forth. He looks like a creep, and is obviously very sick.
  9. nurserin

    Sexually abusive doctor

    I live in Lewes, DE, where that "monster" practiced, my mom works for the state of DE and I could barely read the warrant that was his. It's disgraceful and inhumane. I'm sure he will rot in hell. his victims were ranging from 3-6 months to 12-13 years. Horrible!!!!
  10. Thumbs up like, you passed, or good job...I passed my boards though. I'm a RN!!!!!! didn't think i'd find out so soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Yes, I know of a few people that have taken the boards that, at the test center, have received a, "thumbs up" after the exam. In the Pearson VUE pamphlet they give you, it says it is graded twice, once at the testing center, and once at your board of nursing. It's just the waiting and wondering that kills me...I hate knowing I could possibly be out of $300!
  12. Thanks so much...I have always been negative about test taking...that way I don't set myself up...I work in a nursing home now as a LPN, you don't get much experience. Plus, I had 85 questions for the PN boards, guess I was hoping the same for the RN's. One extreme to another!!! I know Pearson VUE knows if you pass or fail....those people!!! THEY KNOW!
  13. I cannot study. I am the type of person who will study just to make themselves feel better. I will look at the words/sentences/questions and won't retain anything unless it is interesting to me! I'd rather say I didn't study and explain my reasons why, than to waste my time...I do try. I took my boards today and had the full 265 and am 100% positive I failed.
  14. nurserin

    Help! I'm taking the boards TOMORROW!!

    I feel like I know it. Still wondering how I passed the PN boards! I have never been a great studier! Thanks!!
  15. nurserin

    December 16th is the Big Day, Please Pray for Me.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!