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At the Nursing home I work at we use walkie talkies to communicate with other staff members. A nurse that I work with one night got a resident to say "Get money b****** over them. She then posts on... Read More

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    They use public band walkie-talkies. You are coached very quickly after hiring that no names go out on the walkies. We get communications from the L&D department and it's always generic like "need RT in room 19 for meconium", "need doctor in room 5 for a 30 weeker with bradycardia".

    On the FB thing, I'm with the crowd that says we can be adults about it. I only have 3 co-workers on my FB and I wish I could unfriend them without offending them. I accepted their invitations when I first went on FB. There are many times I have "blocked" their access thinking there were some things I didn't want to share (though nothing inappropriate). Even the 3 work friends I have keep our conversations away from work-related items, we only talk about our own personal kids and babies (or in my case, kitties).

    To the OP, I'm sorry this happened, I agree with the other posters that it's pretty serious. I think workplaces need to be explicit nowadays about what is not appropriate to post on "social networking sites" (maybe they need to always say, such as FB). Basically, almost nothing work-related needs to be on FB.
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    Quote from Wild Irish LPN
    and for the life of me I am trying to figure out just what was really said....."money*****".....I really cant figure out what the heck that even is or means.....and I have two teenage boy's.....
    Me either!
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    Quote from netglow
    I'll also repeat that Facebook is for kids, folks - grow the heck up, drop your account if you still have one and join the adult world.
    Actually, FB is NOT for kids....
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    While she may have been complicit in an act that was wrong (should have reported the inappropriate use of the walkie-talkie) you are way out of line to say "nurses are a dime a dozen". Mean. What's wrong with the world. We need to help guide others mistakes and all. Not put them down. This statement is abusive. Are you a nurse? Do you think that little of yourself? Your lack of kindness and compassion scares me. Do you also treat your patients this way? I don't think the OP deserves to lose her job. Don't post ANYTHING about work on facebook. Live and learn. The rest of the post is advice worth taking. Let it go and look for another job. Get a lawyer if you go the BON.
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    As long as I have a license I will not put it in jeopardy over something like Facebook. It is dangerous to your profession.
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    Quote from TiffyRN
    They use public band walkie-talkies. You are coached very quickly after hiring that no names go out on the walkies. We get communications from the L&D department and it's always generic like "need RT in room 19 for meconium", "need doctor in room 5 for a 30 weeker with bradycardia".
    Being involved in human subject research, I was heavily indoctrinated with HIPAA/privacy/ethics concerns, and the fact that personally identifiable information had to be shepharded like a deadly pathogen. The use of walkie talkies on an open channel at all in a hospital setting leaves me queasy (surlely there must be secure walkie talkies, though they'd be expensive), but posting even a hint of a patient or subject's PII boggles the mind.

    HIPAA violations are serious business.
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    Most facilities educate THOROUGHLY on HIPAA and its policies. They also cover SOCIAL MEDIA and its role in the work place and heavily discourage the use of social media in regards to anything having to do with work; Including interacting with coworkers. I apologize that this happened to you. However, I find it hard to believe that you were never educated on HIPAA and Social Media when they are both integral in most organizations' orientations and are required by law. I'm not sure if this will negatively impact your CNA certification, but use this as a lesson learned. Look for a new job. You probably will not get the job back, but that shouldn't stop you from trying to achieve higher credentials. Godspeed and God bless you.
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    After reading this I deactivated my facebook account. It's more trouble than it's worth!
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    Absolutely- being you did nothing wrong
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    No one has to deactivate facebook to keep their jobs. If it weren't a FB post causing her to lose her job, it would have played out some other way, because she was right in the thick of misbehavior with staff regarding patients. It was a matter of time. You can't convince me that one incident was the only deviation from professional standards in that crew.

    The thing is, it doesn't matter if you didn't do anything wrong (although I think you did). The facility wants a professional staff, not hassles. It's easier to just sweep you out and get someone else. You can be fired for no reason at all, you know. They have no obligation to keep you even though you "did nothing wrong". What they want is people who will do things right.

    That's the world we're living in.

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