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Would anyone post in it? :clown: I looked forward to being a nurse for so long....my second thoughts aren't because of nurses eating their own (I have never seen that!) or hours or mean docs... Read More

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    Quote from FLmomof5
    Would anyone post in it?

    I looked forward to being a nurse for so long....my second thoughts aren't because of nurses eating their own (I have never seen that!) or hours or mean docs (haven't seen that either)... it is because the only conservatives I have met are my fellow military vets.

    The vast majority of nurses I have met (or been attacked by) have been liberals who treat me like I am insane because I am a conservative! Wow!

    So....out of curiousity, how many conservatives are on this board???
    Nursing is not about being liberal or conservative. That's for another place. Nursing is about competency, caring, and compassion --- and no, not the "compassionate conservative" type of compassion. But the compassion that comes from caring for a fellow human being in their time of health deficiency in a competent manner because you are a trained and qualified nurse.
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    Nurses, of all health care providers, need to provide care independent of their political beliefs even though health and medical care is impacted by politics. Having wrote that, should we also consider forums based on religion? There are many nurses who consider themselves so-called conservatives. In fact, the majority of nurses I have worked with in my career have considered themselves conservative. Having a conservative, liberal, Christian, non-Christian forum, in my opinion, would just show how extreme many of us are in our beliefs and is really irrelevant in the grand scheme of patient care. The question I would ask those who are running this website is whether having political and religious forums undermine the mission, values, and goals of allnurses.
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    If we are non-partisan and independent, why are our professional organizations so far to the left? (This is not a new thing.) Why were they totally in the tank for ObamaCare? Look at the catalogues of graduate nursing programs and count the number of required credit hours students must spend soaking in progressive marinade. (Nursing and Global Justice. Nursing as a Social Force.) It's all such a kabuki dance.

    You can tell conservative nurses that the movers and shakers in nursing are independent and critical thinkers till you're blue (pun intended) in the face. But if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...
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    Yes, we should have one so people like me who can't find a job will be called this like I did today by a conservative,

    "In other words & I mean this with all due respect - take a long walk off a short peer you little worthless creep."

    The love! :redpinkhe

    I am so done with nursing. This is a Baby Boomer and this is my last post. I would rather be homeless then take care of someone who thinks this way. Even though I try to stay neutral. I have tried everything in my power to get a job. It is time for me to do something else. This is the reason why I cannot find one. I want to help people and people do not deserve my assistance.
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    Level 1 trauma nursing made me a very young conservative. . . during the Clinton Era!!
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    I am and grateful there are others.
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    evidently, i keep a motto while at work and otherwise never to discuss my political views, religion, gender preferences, not even my sport fan views....needless to say this has kept me out of trouble and as a seasoned nurse i enjoy the best of both worlds...
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    "Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt theorizes that a person's position on the political spectrum is a reflection of his or her moral matrix. We're all guided by the same moral foundations he posits, but we weigh them differently. Liberals value compassion, or care, over all else, while conservatives assign equal weight to values including care, liberty, fairness, loyalty, authority and sanctity. It's not that liberals don't believe in the others, but when faced with a moral dilemma, care (or avoidance of harm) trumps everything else."

    Now, into which group do you think nurses tend to fall? Compassion and care over all else, maybe?
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    Wow, OP...I'm replying to your original post.
    It's quite the opposite where I live, in Tennessee. Seems like everyone here is on the conservative/evangelical Christian bandwagon. I'm not, and I'm definitely in the minority. It really gets old. Before you label me as a liberal, know that I don't consider myself one. I have some conservative values, some liberal, and some that don't really fit in either. I guess what I'm saying is that I have some non-traditional beliefs, and I feel extremely outnumbered--almost akin to someone hiding their sexuality in the closet, so to speak (no, don't go there...LOL...I'm married to my high school sweetheart, and we have two kids).
    I grew up here too--not a transplant. If I were to "come out" as an agnostic, for example, a lot of people wouldn't have anything to do with me anymore. It would upset my grandmother and probably put her on her deathbed. A lot of people would be certain this earned me a one way ticket to a really hot place. So I shut up, have my non-traditional beliefs, and be the minority.
    Mainly though, no matter what our personal/political beliefs, they should never affect patient care in a negative way. If anything, I think when we throw politics and religion out the window, and concentrate on the issue at hand--the patient--nursing will become a better profession!
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    Well, I'm a libertarian, but my values tend to be more on the conservative side. I did find out that most of my future nursing professors are Republicans, but a few have already left because of Obamacare.

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