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  1. Thanks for posting that. It was indeed a fair bit of entertainment.
  2. So a bunch of employees at Thedacare in Wisconsin got a better offer at another hospital - Ascension. The employees asked Thedacare if they would match the offer and were told no, so they went to Ascension. Then Thedacare decided they didn't like th...
  3. The best answers I have ever seen to this question can be found at : Nick Carmody JD, MS Psych (@Nick_Carmody)
  4. Is Case Management the right move?

    Insurance company CM would definitely reduce your exposure to Covid - but not to regulatory BS.
  5. New Nurse Case Manager

    It really depends on what population you will be working with. Insurance CM can be any number of different things e.g. Disease mgmt, inpatient your/DC planning, or LTC (MLTSS medicaid).
  6. to build on Curious1997: The medical history appears to be entirely "per the patient", do we have any actual medical records to verify her statements?
  7. How many jobs have you had in your career?

    I've had at least 20 jobs in 25 yrs mostly because I would get fired. I think that should be some kinda record. :-)
  8. Has the thyroid been fully evaluated by imaging and blood work?
  9. New Case Manager

    Doubting yourself is a good thing, it keeps you vigilant. Making a big mistake at this point would be far worse than just not getting everything done. Doubt others also, discharge planning is all about handing off care to some other agency so follow...
  10. Bombed my interview

    for some reason I thought of this:
  11. How do you deal with workplace discrimination?

    I doubt it was discrimination, just bad managerial skills. You'll find a lot of that in nursing.
  12. Case Study: Joint Pain, Rash, Hair Loss - What's Going On?

    let's do an ELISA test.
  13. ANY Case Managers at United Health?

    United sees nurses purely as an expense. If regulations didn't require us they would not hire them. Evidence of this is that they have been profiting BILLIONS every month but nurses see literal pocket change raises and bonus' .
  14. Hospital CM vs Insurance CM

    I loved hospital cm - it was fast paced, fully focused work and hours flew by, but was terrible at the politics and thus was unsuccessful at it. I do long term care CM for MCO now, work from home, lots of autonomy and no pressure. - but little intri...
  15. Hospital CM vs Insurance CM

    I've done both and there are a lot of differences. The core similarity is they both involve discharge planning and utilization review. The big difference is the professional/social/political interaction in the hospital can get very complicated. I fo...