Drug Legalization

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    I am adamant about the legalization of all drugs and substances, but I don't get much support from other members of the nursing community. Are my ideas that radical? Has anyone had a change in mind regarding the subject since you've began your nursing career?

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    Why are you adamant? you haven't given your reasoning behind the decision... There is no good answer to the drug problems... what do you mean by legalization, would there be regulation or .... Just curious on your stand...
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    I have many reasons for my opinion. To begin with the drug war has failed, put many non-violent offenders in the penal system and caused it to become overcrowded. It has funded the mexican gang violence by raising the prices and profit of all drugs sold in america. People will use drugs whether they are legal or not, you should not be imprisoned because of something you did that hurts nobody else but yourself. We should put out effort on educating people about the harmful effects of consistent drug use as opposed to telling them it's just wrong because it's wrong. I believe drugs can be regulated and controlled much like alcohol and tobacco. Take a look at the drug laws in Portugal and the studies that have been done about the success of these laws.
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    OMG! That would be horrible!! What type of message would that send to the children of our generation?? I surely never want to have a conversation with my child debating the use of drugs, but mom..cocaine is legal and all my friends do it.....This would be a disaster. Gangs will find other avenues to thrive upon. And when you say you should not be punished for a crime that does not hurt anyone else.....this has got to be a joke right?
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    What kind of message are we sending our kids by legalizing alcohol and tobacco but not other drugs? Well honey, cocaine is terrible, but if you want to kill yourself with cigarettes that's ok, you're 18 and it's legal. As far as drugs not hurting anyone other than the user, I understand your point. Mothers, Fathers, Siblings, Grandparents all are hurt, but would that hurt be any different if drugs were legal, I don't think so.
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    Imagine how many people would benefit and perhaps get clean and stay clean if money was taken away from the drug war and put towards rehab
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    Do you wish to legalize all drugs or just some? I mean there is a big difference between pot and say crack. Making all the drugs legal may be over doing it a bit.
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    Pot would be a start, but ultimately i'm for all drugs. Once you criminalize something you create an underground society dictated by power and violence, not the greatest thing in the world.
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    So by your argument we should legalize sexually abusing children as well, eliminating the underground society of pedophiles. If you really think that drug usage hurts no one but the user you are very wrong.
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    Yup, legalize them all, AND make the person using, totally responsible for their actions under the influence.
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