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With the current news over gun control and gun rights legislation being pushed through Congress as a result of the tragedies of Aurora, CO, Newtown, CT and the others like them, the thought of concealed carry among healthcare... Read More

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    Quote from redhead_NURSE98!
    ... When I start carrying, if I feel a visitor that's been a horse's butt might come back later armed, I won't be hesitating to go to my car and carry it in... I can hear it now. "Thanks for saving lives. You know we have to fire you, right?" lol
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    Quote from nurse2033
    ... if you have a carry permit... On-duty (except in a war zone) I believe it is incompatible with the ethics of nursing.
    With respect: Disagree.
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    Quote from ♪♫ in my ♥
    Hmmm... smacks of the 'blame the victim' mentality...
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    Nurses in my state succeeded in getting needed protection.
    It was discussed here.
    Ventura County Medical Center will pay for police officer in emergency room:
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    I carry daily regardless. Rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.
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    I am frustrated to live in a "May Issue" state, where each sheriff makes the rules about whether or not to issue a CCW, and I live in a county where the sheriff refuses to issue, thus, I do not carry, though I wish I could. I take evening courses, and do not feel safe walking to my car half the time. Crimes do get reported on campus. I walk to the lot with friends, but we all split off to our cars at some point. I circle my car and look in the back seat before I get in. I do the same when I walk to my car at midnight after preceptorship. I'm precepting in a unit that's low risk for crime (mother baby), but if someone wanted to kidnap an infant and yielded a gun in order to do so, I would be beyond frustrated with my inability to defend my life or my patient because the rules say I can't carry something I am well trained in using, and would only choose to use in a life-and-death situation.
    I doubt that anyone here thinks that nurses CHOOSING to carry LEGALLY at work would increase violence at work, as RESPONSIBLE gun owners, the ones who are most impacted by rules and laws (since criminals ignore such things), would only use a gun if absolutely necessary, such as a conflict where someone yields a gun in the ER or takes a patient or staff member hostage or any number of other horrific possibilities. I don't believe that anyone (nurses, teachers, etc) should be forced to carry at work, but I do firmly believe that should someone choose to take on that responsibility, is willing to train properly, and go through the proper channels, they should have the option to do so.
    I HAVE lived in the ghetto. We had our home blocked off by police one day when I came home as a police chase had gone through our yard. Another day the cops knocked on my door, as I'd heard a shooting two doors down. There were two other shootings within a block of my house within 10 days. I did not carry at the time, but I sure would have felt safer had I been able to. There were plenty of times I felt very unsafe, and thankfully, I do not live in that neighborhood anymore, but that doesn't guarantee my safety.
    My husband and I both would like to be able to carry concealed, but as we are law-abiding citizens, we do not (though we advocate for the right to do so). My mother-in-law asked my husband why he doesn't just avoid anywhere he would think he would need it. His response: "Why would I go somewhere where I think I need my gun??" Violence doesn't happen in set places. It can happen anywhere, and that includes in our workplaces. Emotions run high in hospitals and other health care settings. When I am a midwife, I am in someone else's home, and I don't know what I am walking into. I would like to have the right to protect myself should a dangerous situation arise. I believe it is irresponsible for others to dictate my right to defend myself.
    Someone mentioned evidence-based practice. Nurses will differ in opinion about any hot-button topic. Circumcision, vaccination, assisted suicide, single-payer health care, these are all topics where nurses will vary in opinion. Concealed carry in the workplace is no different. There is evidence to support both sides, but I do believe that people should be able to make these choices for themselves, assuming they are responsible about their choices.
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    Sounds like moving to a different state might make your day...
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    Quote from armyicurn
    Sounds like moving to a different state might make your day...
    Actually, RunBabyRun won't have to move if things work out the way they have so far. Self defense was (just last month) ruled by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to be sufficient "good cause" for purposes of CCW issuance. This ruling isn't final yet as there are some procedural things that must be done first. However, unless something changes relatively soon, there will be some BIG changes in store for California, Hawaii, and US Territories that fall within the 9th Circuit. This is going to be a big deal soon... if it gets to the Supreme Court.
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    Right on!!! Everyone shall have a gun! Weapons do not kill. People do!
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    Quote from armyicurn
    Right on!!! Everyone shall have a gun! Weapons do not kill. People do!
    My take on this is not so much that everyone shall have a gun, but the generally law-abiding people should have a choice whether or not they want one, along with all the responsibilities that go along with gun ownership. As a responsible gun owner, I would never force someone into gun ownership. Owning weapons is something that is deeply personal and each individual that decides to own a weapon has to come to this decision on their own.

    I'm also not going to ridicule non-gun owners for their educated decision to not own firearms. I'm actually happy to defend their right not to! Some people are very emotional about the subject and tend to "knee-jerk" to things they see on TV or hear on the radio, and many times they have a perception of increasing violent crime rates using firearms when the opposite is the case. I will certainly challenge assumptions, but not the decision itself.
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