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Dr.Jekyll's Latest Activity

  1. Did anyone else get an email about the concurrent nursing with USF?
  2. So you ordered all the books from Amazon? Was it cheaper this way?
  3. So does this book not come with the bundle we are purchasing?
  4. Yes that would be great if we could complete the program quicker.
  5. Are there any of the immunizations that we do not need?
  6. This is great info Niqua. I am in cohort 2.
  7. Interesting did you get in for Spring 19 as well?
  8. Yea if you have a 4.0 you are for sure accepted into the program. Just make sure not to miss any of the deadlines with regards to vaccinations, drug screen, etc.....
  9. Dr.Jekyll

    Concealed Carry...as a nurse?

    Haven't skimmed through this topic and not a huge fan of guns, but hypothetically yes. For personal protection a small Glock G43 or G42 but I have a small hand so that is what I might carry just for my personal protection. I think its great to have your concealed carry. There are a lot of sketchy people and places
  10. Still no update. Not sure what is going on.
  11. Appreciate it CMAR. I will say when you get in this semester, make sure you do the urine screening right away. Try to go the same day of orientation. That was the first thing due when I attended orientation for spring 2019.
  12. I dropped the application off on the 15th before 7 and have checked web advisor documents and nothing is showing, which is very strange. I signed everything and double checked. I took my Teas test at HCC one time and its only been a year. It said on the application that if we took the Teas at HCC, we did not need to include a copy of the results.

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