Voluntary hospitalization, does it affect nursing license?

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    Does anyone know if voluntary hospitalization would cause a problem with a nursing license? I'm just wondering if I chose to admit myself for depression would it cause a problem with the boards of nursing? It is a responsible thing to do if I am really depressed and need more than medication adjustment. I'm not impaired at work or anything, I just feel so terrible that I have been so miserable the past few months it's becoming unbearable. Work is the only area of my life that I am doing well and when I leave, it's so tough to come back to my personal life which is so difficult now.
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    I can't speak for all situations or all states, but I have been hospitalized for depression many times over the last 5 years, and I have never had a problem with the BON. I hope you feel better and get the help you need...I can definitely relate to work being the only good part of your life...it is often the only thing that keeps me going. Sometimes I just need an inpt hospitalization for a quick, intensive stabilization- my boss is very understanding and supportive. (((Hugs)))
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    PS. I wanted to clarify that your boss definitely doesn't have to know why you are out sick- I voluntarily told mine. You can also look into FMLA if you qualify in order to protect your job.
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    I don't see why it would or why the BON would need to know about it. I've never disclosed anything about my medical history to my state nor any employer I've ever worked for.
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    I think you need to seek treatment for it will catch up to you and affect your job. You are going through a tough time and I think reaching out for help is the BEST idea. Your license will eventually be affected for your depression will pour over into all aspects for your life.

    In the interest of full disclosure....some states do have mandated reporting of mental illness of a licensed individual...especially if potential to harm a patient or unprofessional conduct has occurred. I would check with the BON or psychiatrist/psychologist first in your state.
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    I was hospitalized back 1991 for major depression. Hospitalization helped me "snap out of it" quicker than going through weeks of therapy and med adjustments. I had no issues with the BON in my state. I have a very good PD and I've come very close to being admitted but was able to work through it since then. FMLA can apply to your situation and please look into it as sapphire has stated.
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    There are 51 BONs and they all don't address mental illness the same way. Some don't want to know anything more than if you have a CD problem; others want to know if you have ever had certain diagnoses even if you're currently stable. Contact your BON and see what they say about disclosing psychiatric illnesses. IMO, this is one case where I'd insist that you get a disposable e-mail address from Yahoo or Google, and contact them anonymously.

    As far as whether to disclose if you are required to...well, that's up to you. Valid arguments can be made both for and against disclosing and I won't pass judgment on your decision. Just remember that whatever you decide, there may be consequences from that decision that you will have to deal with.

    But worry about that later--take care of your mental health right now. Best of luck with your recovery.
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    I've been in your shoes and I had no licensing issues. I just had to be cleared by my psychiatrist and employee health before I returned to work. But as everyone else has said, every BON is different. I can't quite see a BON having an issue with voluntarily admission for major depression vs. something with drugs, or an involuntary commitment related to some violent behavior.

    Don't worry about the BON right now. Get yourself better.
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    I was just licensed by PA and did not have to disclose anything voluntary. Fortunately I have never been involuntarily committed, but I don't even remember having been asked any questions about that. As everyone else has said it does change from state to state.
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    I had a similar discussion with my psychiatrist. He said that as long as he considered me safe to work, and I heeded his direction to not work while unstable, he had no obligation to report me to the BON. He said he would have to if I continued to work after he (or I) determined I was unsafe to do so.
    Since you're considering voluntary admission, you probably are aware if you are not safe to work and wouldn't work in that condition. I would verify with your psychiatrist what their obligation is. I don't think I'd contact the BON directly to ask at this point unless you can anonymously, it may backfire on you. Check their guidelines online too.
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