Would you throw an allnurses.com party?

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    Would you throw a party for your allnurses.com friends? How would you envision the party? Theme? Ideas?

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    I would have a margarita machine and thousands of pounds of enchiladas,hats for everyone!
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    Oh I am thinking Margaritas too, good STRONG ones....with all the "issues" we have on here, we will need them!
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    Bloody Marys are appropriate.
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    and "urine sample" jello shooters! (limoncello and jello if anyone is wondering)
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    Chocolate coconut clusters with fudge sauce, served in tiny bedpan-shaped dishes ...
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    Gorgeous floral arrangements in urinals...
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    Absolutely!!! Luau Style!!!
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    Ohhhh, yeah! Brian, you should host the party at your house---we'll supply the food and fluids! We can serve hard lemonade in specimen cups, chocolate pudding in bedpans, pea soup in emesis basins......well, y'all get the idea.
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    I couldn't come, because then y'all would all see my awesomeness and I'd never get any rest from answering fan mail and speaking requests.

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