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So, tell us - What did you get for Christmas? a tablet? a fruitcake? shoes? a tie? a new computer? jewelry? new car? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments below! Want... Read More

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    So I've been teaching my son that its a good idea to go shopping with mommy so we can see what she looks at and get her something she wants. It's a great little game we play so he gets things for her she wants, not things for himself (he's 7). At a party, during a discussion about Mayan Apocalypse/zombie attack I told my friend I didn't have a chainsaw (I'm a renter). Well you know who heard it, and insisted its what I really wanted. So the Mrs got me a chainsaw. All I need is some downed trees.
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    I got another cameo to add to my collection.
    I got a "used" watch, really antique, that is a pendant and has a cameo.
    And my favorite present:
    I got 2 days of care in our Family Promise homeless shelter donated in my name and that of my SO.
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    My hubby!
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    Quote from Firestarter_RN
    A six pound seven ounce son, 12:12 12/25!!!

    Congratulations on your son!

    My husband missed being born on Christmas by about 20 minutes.
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    <-----got about 5 extra pounds this week, it seems!! ha ha!!
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    To be finished with nursing school and have my life back!
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    Truthfully? Nothing. Nope not a single gift.
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    My son home from Georgia!!!! This was one happy momma!!!!
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    I got gift cards to some of my favorite restaurants and shops. Nothing extravagant.