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What did you get for Christmas? - page 2

So, tell us - What did you get for Christmas? a tablet? a fruitcake? shoes? a tie? a new computer? jewelry? new car? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and... Read More

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    Quote from Firestarter_RN
    A six pound seven ounce son, 12:12 12/25!!!

    Congratulations on your son!

    My husband missed being born on Christmas by about 20 minutes.
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    <-----got about 5 extra pounds this week, it seems!! ha ha!!
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    To be finished with nursing school and have my life back!
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    Truthfully? Nothing. Nope not a single gift.
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    My son home from Georgia!!!! This was one happy momma!!!!
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    I got gift cards to some of my favorite restaurants and shops. Nothing extravagant.
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    Coach purse
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    We walked to Fell's Point in the snow. I got a Stollen and watched Sopranos while he slept.
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    1 FTE RN position approved by VP
    3 perdiem clerks hired
    Gift Certificate from staff

    11" Acer laptop from DH with IT son installing security, tweeking programs so I can monitor allnurses (and work) while on 3 wk vacation in New Orleans for Mardi Gras 2013
    Sons decorated outside house with our C9 lights an beloved blow molded Santa and reindeer, Snowman, Toy soldiers and Nativity sceene we've had for 20+yrs --taking over the job from their Dad.
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    A VERY overpriced dream bag with matching wallet and fuschia pink beats by Dre headphones
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    Quote from Jacktastic
    So I've been teaching my son that its a good idea to go shopping with mommy so we can see what she looks at and get her something she wants. It's a great little game we play so he gets things for her she wants, not things for himself (he's 7). At a party, during a discussion about Mayan Apocalypse/zombie attack I told my friend I didn't have a chainsaw (I'm a renter). Well you know who heard it, and insisted its what I really wanted. So the Mrs got me a chainsaw. All I need is some downed trees.
    Come to Arkansas. We had a Christmas Day snow and ice storm that left hundreds of trees down and over 200,000 people without electricity. It was our first white Christmas in 80 years. Now, whoever was Dreaming of a White Christmas--we meant snow ONLY so the kids could play. Not freezing rain,
    sleet and THEN snow.

    --On the up side, I got my power back on last night.
    And I continue to thank and pray for the thousands of line men from here and 14 other states, working to restore our utilities.
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    A coach bag which I traded for MK bag, Mk wallet and clothes..
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