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Nursing students sometimes get a painfully raw deal while receiving their education and training to become nurses. For instance, their eagerness to learn and questions are occasionally met with cold... Read More

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    Needed this! Thanks!
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    Well Said!!
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    I LOVE having students on my unit. While I don't formally precept I enjoy students. I want to pre-cept but my anxiety gets in the way of being allowed to precept. I am a teacher at heart and take any chance I can to educate the students and even the nursing assistants who are interested or in nursing school.
    I graduated in 2008 and had some poor experiences with some RNs. Some treated us as nursing assistants and/or bothersome. Nursing students should not be treated as "extra hands" for the nursing assistants. They are there primarily to learn to be an RN. Of course if the students have some down time they are more than welcome to help out wherever they can. Because of my experience I always treat the students with a welcoming attitude.
    I think the stress of the job can make people not be as nice as they normally would be to students.
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    These reasons help me understand my love for being a nurse.
    I define being a nurse as being a teacher, helper, example, friend, caregiver, advocate, and moral compass all-in-one.
    -Andy, RN
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    Awwwww. Thank you:-) Positive nurses like you really keep encouraging student nurses like me !
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    Very encouraging, indeed and very helpful when you come home from placement not feeling appreciated. Beautifully summed up and truly thought provoking. Thank you!x
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    Quote from nynursey_
    It was refreshing to see a Registered Nurse active in the field give respect to the student nurses and RN hopefuls. When I was in my first year of my ADN program, my clinical instructor once told me that "nurses eat their young" and while it's "not fair" it "is what it is." I never understood why. There doesn't seem to be any great reason that anyone has been able to yet provide me to support why this system is in place, or why it's so widely accepted
    Most of my student journey was brilliant. I had one experience of bullying from a registered nurse, who incorrectly accused me of leaving a patient in a urine soaked bed. This was in my second year and it almost made me give up. I dont think as nurses we realise the impact we can have on the students who come through our work places, for both bad and good.

    On the other hand, I had a placement in a rural GP practice. My preceptor was brilliant, by the end of my time she had me taking patient consultations. She also allowed me to practice putting IV lines in her.

    but it's reading this article really made me realize that there are still practicing RNs in the world who do appreciate the nurses of tomorrow.

    We may not be RNs yet, but our knowledge base and our enthusiasm is strong, and our work ethic alone is enough to have earned respect.

    Great article!
    I love seeing students grow and gain confidence. Seeing them coming through college and pass their state final exams is just awesome
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    Just this: I love, love, love you, TheCommuter! You've thrown a lifeline to nursing students everywhere. Bless you and thank you!

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    Quote from TheCommuter
    A nursing educator who authors a blog has some ideas on why this phenomenon occurs. Some would say that nurses perceive themselves to be oppressed and, therefore, lash out on others around them:

    Oriented Times Three: One Role of Humility in Nursing Education
    I tried to open this link and it said it was open to "invited" persons only. Sniffle. Still, this helps with humility, I guess!
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