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  1. Situation: Looking for an Online FNP program similar to Grand Canyon University's BSN program, to which I had a wonderful experience learning. Background: 7 years RN experience, mostly ER, little ICU. I tried 2 different online programs and felt they lacked straightforwardness (Walden University, you suck at this) or reasonable expectations (University of Colorado Springs, every discussion post was a full on 2-page paper with citations required). Assessment: GCU had some things I loved. Here are the things I'm looking for: 1) Complete online library - their library rocked! 2) Straightforward assignments with reasonable expectations 3) 'Clean-feeling' organization Recommendation: Please help. GCU does not offer FNP Online in Fort Collins, Colorado right now.
  2. ER Night Club

    New grad struggling...should I stick it out?

    Many people may disagree with me on this, but I promise it's not because I'm trying to be negative. I don't think you should stick it out. Many new grads in the ICU put on an act, but many things get missed by them and some people have bad outcomes. When there's a megacode situation and you feel overwhelmed and unable to move, you are demonstrating that you don't know how to function as a critical care team and don't know how to critically prioritize in that situation. IT'S OK. You are brand new! This is such a difficult and hard thing and it DOES take time! However, knowing your boundaries and your weaknesses, then taking the time to improve on them is essential for you and your patients. In other words, I would respect you a lot more as a person who knows their boundaries and leaves to the floor, then later comes back to the unit. People have so much pride sometimes and real people suffer and die because of this. Please don't read this comment and think that I think you suck or are not good enough. You're amazing! You're a nurse. Stick it out on a different unit, then come back and take on those very critical patients and become something amazing.
  3. ER Night Club

    Finding a Nursing Job??? Help!!

    It sounds like you're having a difficult time properly marketing yourself. You may have to broaden your horizons and look out of state for a medical/surgical position within a hospital. Always start there; These types of jobs will shape what you become.
  4. ER Night Club

    Male Nurse Hair Styles

    I have long hair. it needs to be well-kept and stylish. People won't judge you for your hair though; they'll judge you for who you are as a person and an RN
  5. ER Night Club

    Nursing tougher for guys than girls

    Leave your competitive 'man-brain' out of this. Focus on you and you alone. It's not harder for guys - it's only harder if you're always trying to compare. Utilize your strengths, and let those do the talking when you're an RN
  6. ER Night Club

    Win $100! February 2013 Caption Contest

    "THIS is why they needed a PEDS nurse!!"
  7. ER Night Club

    Has anyone skipped their BSN?

    thank you so much for your replies and information!!! it's much appreciated! -Andy
  8. ER Night Club

    Has anyone skipped their BSN?

    Either family, psychiatric, or acute care. Family interests me the most, psychiatric lends itself best to my current degree, and acute care seems the most intense. My dream is to have an office on a hospital floor where I do special assessments with a team of physicians/nurses. I'm not sure if that is 'acute' or not. I've been doing research, and I keep running into the same problem: EVERY web site promises so much but you just know some programs are trying to talk themselves up. I want to go to an online-only school that someone can testify the goodness of their learning experience, rather than trusting the front page
  9. ER Night Club

    Has anyone skipped their BSN?

    Hello! I recently graduated Nursing school and recently got employed at a major hospital woooo! However, just before I went to nursing school, I completed my BS in psychology. I was wondering if anyone else out there completed their MSN without receiving their bachelors in nursing. Also, do all accredited masters nursing programs require good grades?? I'm looking for an online-only masters program, that doesn't necessarily require the highest GPAs. I'm willing to work my ass off in both my career and masters programs, but I didn't take my undergrads seriously enough. Any answers to my questions would be great!! Thanks in advance! -Andy, RN
  10. ER Night Club

    9th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    "Float like a float nurse, sting like an IV"
  11. ER Night Club

    Being called "ignorant" by your boss- am I over-reacting?

    Perhaps this is just the 'guy' in me; but you are allowed to stick up for yourself in ANY situation/job. If you can gather the courage in a situation like that, you can always call your nursing manager "unprofessional" after they call you "ignorant", especially with another nurse in the room. If the NM reacts (people who heavily criticize are historically bad at receiving criticism), you have basically manipulated them into doing or saying something even more dramatic than "ignorant". Then you remember everything you can, write a letter about exactly what was said, and it becomes an HR mess in which you did nothing wrong but call out your nursing manager for being unprofessional which he/she was in the first place. (BS in psychology here) This may not be 'good' advice. However, your NM clearly doesn't need to be in a position like that, belittling nurses. Save the manipulation for next time. The bigger your back bone, the more power you have in the work place
  12. ER Night Club

    I am reading my syllabus correctly???!!!??? Foley Cath's

    My fellow-student's 5th intercostal space midclavicular line (heart apex) fell right under her large boob. I lifted that up, placed the stethoscope, and she cracked up laughing. We had to do this on video, later to be watched by an instructor. Many good laughs followed this day. Related to catheters; Say you accidentally insert a catheter into the vagina. Do you know what is the next CORRECT action? .. .. .. Leave it in. Use it as a reference point, and insert the catheter correctly into the urethra. This will probably be a test question someday in your future. - Andy, RN
  13. ER Night Club

    What Is It Like?

    Well said. I believe med/surg will be the most challenging of any unit.
  14. ER Night Club

    First day of Nursing School..

    There will be laughter, there will be tears, there will be blood, there will be poop, spit, urine, vomit, pretentious doctors, ignorant nurses... There will be close tests, and there will be failures. I hope you're ready for some memories and hardships. GOOD LUCK I hope every day is as good as your first :cheers: - Andy, RN
  15. ER Night Club

    Speech path masters or accelerated BSN

    You're on the wrong site for a speech patho recommendation Just remember this: Once you're a speech pathologist, you're a speech pathologist. Once you're a nurse, you can be a cardiac nurse, neuro nurse, psych nurse, respiratory nurse, ortho nurse, ER nurse,dialysis nurse, billing nurse, ICU nurse, OR nurse, phone nurse........... and the list goes on :w00t: - Andy, RN
  16. ER Night Club

    Part Time EMT in Nursing School?

    This mainly depends on your nursing school. I worked part time (16-24 hours per week) at a residential treatment program for criminal adolescents which was stressful and demanding most of the time, and I found plenty of time for studying/homework. I would recommend keeping the job, unless it drains you of sleep/time/simple pleasures of life. - Andy, RN

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