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Nurses, what do you want for christmas this year? Do you have a nursing wish this year? Happy Holidays! Click Like if you enjoyed this nursing cartoon. Please share this with friends and post your comments below!... Read More

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    I wish that we can be respected as nurses...if just for Christmas. My patient load is one issue in itself (18 to 1 nurse), but the disrespect we are given as nurses is over the top. Most of our nurse managers are just horrible, i hope that I have that one good one that looks toward the interest of the patients AND the nurses.This will make for a decent Christmas 'work night'

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    Hello, I just finished my 3rd semester and have been accepted into the nursing program at our local college. Unfortunately, my FAFSA grant and my scholarship will not cover my expenses. I need to take 19 units and cannot find a job that can work around this schedule. I live in Micronesia (the Northern Mariana Islands) and our local college (Northern Marianas College) does not accept student loans and I do not qualify to get a loan on my own. I'm trying to find a scholarship or grant that can help me get through school. I only need about $3,000 to get through this semester and then I only hve 6 classes left to graduate. I've been having financial difficulties for some time and have actually been really struggling to get through school (took my first year in 2003 but couldn't afford to go back until this last Fall). Anyway, it's a long story, and I'm now 51 years old and will do whatever I can to try to graduate. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think I have what it takes to make a great nurse! Very sincerely, Susan Marchitti
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    I wish for a job or help with school for everyone who replies to this thread with these needs. My heart goes out to you. For those in practice, I wish that managers could work December 26 in the staff's shoes and then rethink some of the policies. And just to go right over the top: Would it REALLY be that hard for the cafeteria to serve turkey and dressing for those who have to work Christmas instead of the usual hamburgers? (And 15 minutes to eat in peace would be the star on the Christmas tree.)

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