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I am Asian.

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  1. Well I went from correctional to surgery. That's like apple and orange. Totally different. I learned everything new. Nursing school can't teach you that either. Here is how I got in: 1. I know someone in the surgery department. 2. OR manager was looking for someone has a good attendance and I didn't call in for the whole year. OR was shorted of working people. They didn't care much about my correctional or lack of hospital experience. Attendance was more important to them. 3. Also correctional and surgery were in the same health service department. So I didn't quit per se. I transferred, which the process was shorter than hiring a new one from start. I don't wish for anything really. Things happened for reasons. The universe wanted me to start correctional before surgery. What can I do? Correctional is VERY slow pace. Nothing is really change in short amount of time. Neither patients or the department. Everyday is the same. Nothing new. Well that's depends what it's your assignment. But even correctional critical patients who are in jail are not really critical. If they are really sick, they will be in the hospital. OR, on another hand, things can change really fast, e.g. patient or your assignment, etc. We have 8 OR rooms. None of those rooms are the same specialty. 1st room is Opth, 2nd is ENT, 3rd is GYN, and so on. You will be move from room to room. Or other specialty case got moved into your room. It keeps you on your toes. We also do trama, only to stable the patient. It was a gun shot wound. Pt was dumped in front of ER. In OR, it's 1 to 1 ratio. I don't deal with family members. Talk to patient little bit before the case. Well I guess you can see the pictures now.
  2. LovedRN

    Calling OR Nurses in CA!!!

    LA county stands by pay just went up this year to $5/hr! Yeah. 🥳
  3. Easy to be named in the law suit but a little bit hard to lose one. Except if you are at fault. Inmates sue the correction faculty often. Every nurses who came into their contact will be named. If the claim is more than $3000 your name got send to the board. What will happen is the case will be review by the (I don't remember the name) claim? department of the correction facility. They often settle out of court if they think they will lose, to save money. The case then got send to a person who will decide who is really at fault and how much. Let say you did every thing by the policy or you have nothing to do with this case (but you were named). You are 0% and the faculty is 100 %. Nothing will happen to you. The board will do their own investigation. They will sent you a letter when you are cleared. it is hard but try to do everything by the policies. So if something happened you will be OK . Assessment is big. When you chart, cover as many as you can. Plus patient teaching. You also have to say patient verbalized understanding. Treat every inmates as if they will sue you. When it doubt send them out (to the hospital). And no. No supervisor will back you up if you have to go to court (in case patient died and they were the one who told you not to call 911). RNs have rights to call 911. Many nurse's intervention is to refer patient to MD (when patient has health problem) and that's it. I was told that is not enough. When it got to court, they will ask you what else did you do? Source: me. I am new to the correction but got a 3 weeks orientation (on how not to lose in the law suit ). After the orientation I have doubt if I should work in the correction.
  4. LovedRN

    Quit my first nursing home after 1 day!

    My is bad but not as your.
  5. LovedRN

    1st RN Job, feeling discouraged and disappointed

    I have only worked at my LTC for 4 mths. There are only a few people who were there before me (by a few month). My LTC sounds like yours. I will leave if I got other job.
  6. LovedRN

    Nurses working on day off...

    Ha! I just answered a phone call today, on my day off. They wanted me to work tonight but I said no.
  7. LovedRN

    so ready to quit

    I hope you will find a better job soon. I am looking for one too. Good luck.
  8. Did I post this thread in my sleep? This sounds like me!!! Well I only have been in OR for 2 months so I can't tell you anything. But GOOD LUCK!!!
  9. LovedRN

    Do you love Ortho?

    I did my preceptorship in Ortho and I want to make a few comments. First of all, I LOVE Ortho. Nurses treated me as one of their own. I couldn't believe it. I had spend my time in Med Surg before and it wasn't like this. PT/OT/PCT/CNA were our best friends. Nurses helped each others. They even helped me!!! When I made mistakes, they would be like "It's ok. You are learning" or "Don't worry about it. I fixed/corrected/etc... for you already. Here I will show you..." or "I had made the same mistake too. All you need to do is ......." My preceptor even called HR and asked if there is any opening. Sadly they weren't any opening at the time. And when they were, I was studying for NCLEX. My preceptor called me and said that she counldn't believe it, "they just hired a ton of new grads and you were not in it." She is also my reference. Pt were nice too and so were their family. Too bad with this economy they are not hiring any new grad any more. Miss being in Orth.
  10. Foley should be a part of our uniform!!!
  11. LovedRN

    How to get an OR job!

    My friend worked in MS night shift and once a week in the morning after her shift ended, she would show up in OR (in her hospital) to say hi to everyone. She talked to the manager about how she wants to be in OR and how she understands that they are not hiring but she just wants to talk about her dream. She popped up in OR to say hi for months. Everyone knows her. So when they had an opening, she was in.
  12. LovedRN


    CNOR: About CNOR certification I took an OR class and got a certificate but it is not CNOR.
  13. Where are you in CA? Well you can try this link: Independent Student Volunteers - Cedars-Sinai Goodluck!!!
  14. LovedRN

    CSUDH RN-BSN online

    Correction: the orientation date is either July 12 OR Aug 14. Sorry about that. Also you can check your toromail.csudh.edu e-mail. I received e-mails from BSN Coordinator here and not my usual e-mail.
  15. LovedRN

    CSUDH RN-BSN online

    I received a BSN new students e-mail saying that the orientation will be on July 12 and Aug 14.
  16. LovedRN

    OR books

    I used to read one but it's more about teaching than about the OR environment. I can't find that blog any more. What I usually do is to go back and read all threads in "operating room nursing" here. I have an idea. When I become an OR nurse, I would write a book about my experience and sell it. I wonder if any one would buy it. Ha Ha Ha.