Nurses, what is on your Santa wishlist? - page 2

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Nurses, what do you want for christmas this year? Do you have a nursing wish this year? Happy Holidays! Click Like if you enjoyed this nursing cartoon. Please share this with friends and post your comments below!... Read More

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    The preceptorship I want at the hospital I want...and some extra $$ would always be nice, but I won't push my luck with Santa.
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    Decent paying jobs for us old stale grads with little acute care experience who would love to orient use so we can make a difference. I keep wishing....
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    I wish for contentment in life, regardless of the conditions.
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    I wish for the gift of confidence and competence as a new ER nurse. I have grown a lot but I have a ways to go. I have barely 5 more weeks of orientation so the pressure to shape up is high.If that's not feasible, then I wish for the entire Beatles catalog, in CD and vinyl. I don't have a vinyl player, but I'll get one.
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    ...also, I could really use a leathered out, wood-grained out, V12 Jaguar- Red. If you want to throw in a Scandinavian 21 year old model- I would sure be grateful!!

    Tag would like a new stuffed animal that will last more than one good tug-o-war.

    P.S. cookies and milk in the foyer.

    Love Boston
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    A job.
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    I love being a nurse so if they tire me who cares really. I mean we should be grateful for jobs because some people dont have the knowledge or skills to obtain one.
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    A JOB ! Ive been looking for 6 months.....and if i dont get one soon, it'll just be like the last 24 yrs I worked at my last job were meaningless. Unemployment ends in 3 weeks, so I might be out on the streets sad to think that someone with all my years/experience cant find a job these days. I wish all the new grads tons of luck....maybe yours will be better than mine. Merry Christmas ! Oh, and I wish for a calm and peaceful and uneventful ( except for a job offer! ) rest of 2012. :
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    Peace for the families in CT
    Health for my husband
    A BSN for myself.
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    A job...just lost my per diem agency job for occupational health.....the company went bankrupt x 1 year and they just throw us contract nurses in the garbage can....Three weeks of no work now and fighting depression.....Im an old nurse with x19 years of RN experience....ive applied a non nursing job to work in the casino to keep me afloat....ive also been applying for nursing positions but no call...I absolutely love Christmas and not celebrating it this year...