Nurse Call button misused once again

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    Nurse Call button misused once again

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    Last edit by brian on May 30, '12
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    Tired or not...

    There would be a beatin'!!
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    I think that being with another nurse, we know not to push those hot buttons.
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    i'd strangle him with the cord
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    @Flare--I was just thinking the same thing.
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    I was thinking more along the lines of an airway obstruction.......from shoving it down his throat.
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    I would suggest he installed a code blue button along with it.
    Last edit by brian on May 30, '12 : Reason: removed quote for easier reading
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    I would have to suggest he install a code blue button with it.
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    Ha ha this makes me think about how hubby showed up at my work this past week and asked me for Advil. (His mom is a patient right now.) I almost clobbered him! Told him I would get to my purse after I made sure my 17 patients were medicated.
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