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This one just made me laugh but at the same time it's depressing. :) We all have been asked medical questions by friends and family. Do you remember the weirdest question, place, or time that it was asked? Click Like... Read More

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    Quote from itsnowornever
    My son wanted to know if his hang nail could stab someone in the brain if he fell from a tree and poked them. I gave him a goofy look and said, "I dont know!" and he said, "well, you are a nurse, or almost, right?" "Yes" he replied with, "Then you should know everything about how people can die"...really kid?
    Now that is hillarious! A hang nail stabbing someone in the brain, lol lol.

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    Quote from sarakjp
    I typically get two types of questions/complaints from people:

    1. poop
    2. my ankle,knee, hip hurts/pops out when I go like this

    The poop questions I don't mind so much, but I hate the latter! I am not a musculoskeletal girl nor do I have x-ray vision. Find out what makes it hurt and then don't do that?
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    too cute lol
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    Oh HECK no!!!!!

    Daughter decided to take Mom to the ER when I said words to that effect. LOL!
    Yeah I wouldn't do it either not knowing her history is all I need.

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