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nursie_nursie_415 has 8 years experience.

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  1. Nursing beyond the bedside-for new grads? Help!

    I worked in inpatient psych & psych emergency for 4 years & was punched in the arm ONCE, which was partially my fault. I have been working in med/tele for 5 years now & cannot count the number of times a confused patient has assaulted me...
  2. Getting patient information before shift

    If you are not officially "clocked-in", not only is being in a patient's chart equivalent to working for free, it is quite possibly a violation of HIPAA.
  3. First Year Almost Over, No Magical "Ah ha" Moment Yet

    it took me about a year to get my time management down, took me about another year to understand the balance between nursing & medicine... but not until about 4 years after finishing my new grad program did i feel proficient - not only skill-wise...
  4. Anybody LIKE working holidays?

    Working holidays is great because the staffing (in my facility) is guaranteed the standard and then some. Especially during the holiday season, I would much rather work a holiday/holiday weekend (where the slopes tend to be "blacked-out") & trad...
  5. The flu shot making people sick

    about 10 years ago was the only time i have ever received a flu shot & was also the only time i have ever become so sick it felt that i was near death. coincidence? it's possible... (who the heck knows what REALLY goes into those syringes?) bu...
  6. Weird, but missing my old state's nurses union!

    NOTHING compares to living in northern california... the "higher $tandard of living" is balanced by a higher standard of living - i can't be convinced otherwise.
  7. Pay Off My Student Loans In Full or Make Monthly Payments?

    If you can, PAY OFF THE LOAN. You have no "savings" if you're already in debt. Fluidity accounts for some peace of mind but really, any money you "save" is not helping you out of debt. If you pay off your loan & find you need some cash, there ...
  8. Family members applying topical ointments

    When a patient agrees to be treated in a hospital, they also agree to "our way" of treating them. That said, it is the "good" nurse who finds that happy medium between family involvement in care, patient compliance to prescribed treatment & the ...
  9. Does where you go to school matter?

    ... also, CCNE & NLNAC schools will accept transfer units from CCNE & NLNAC schools only.
  10. Does where you go to school matter?

    Some hospitals specifically will not hire RNs who graduated from schools that are not CCNE or NLNAC accredited. Period.
  11. What Kind of Patients Do You LIKE Most?

    Patients who don't abuse the call light. And grumpy, cantankerous, crotchety old patients - they're so funny :)
  12. What are you really good at?

    ... just recently someone told me that i look like i "know what i'm doing" :)
  13. does anyone regret this career?

    there are some things i like about inpatient nursing & some things i hate. being a nurse for over 8 years, just in the past year have i found true enjoyment & fulfillment in what i do as a chosen career. finally i feel a balance between bei...
  14. All of a sudden an ASN is no good anymore

    ... I have an ASN & several years of experience. Just recently I got called to interview for a per diem position I applied for about a month ago, so I wouldn't say that an "ASN is no good anymore". If BSN is preferred, then experience regardles...
  15. Help Wanted: 2 years and still no good job.

    in 2007 during my clinical preceptorship when I was finishing RN school (ASN), the LVNs were all in the process of being transferred to the clinics. In 2008 I got hired at that same company (different hospital) & there is only ONE LVN employed i...