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  1. nursie_nursie_415

    Nursing beyond the bedside-for new grads? Help!

    I worked in inpatient psych & psych emergency for 4 years & was punched in the arm ONCE, which was partially my fault. I have been working in med/tele for 5 years now & cannot count the number of times a confused patient has assaulted me. We have multiple nurses on modified duty at present, some related to patients assaulting them. Just last week a patient slung a call light into my right shoulder blade when I turned to leave the room because she was adamant that I was the nurse from the previous shift who "manhandled" her. To say that there is a greater risk of injury in psych is not only false information, but it feeds into the misconception that psych patients are more violent than non-psych patients. The truth is, psych patients are more likely to be the victims of violence as compared to the rest of the population - FACT. Please be careful with your advice, especially to new nurses. Implying that working in psych will increase one's risk of injury is just plain irresponsible, especially as an "Asst. Admin".
  2. nursie_nursie_415

    First Year Almost Over, No Magical "Ah ha" Moment Yet

    it took me about a year to get my time management down, took me about another year to understand the balance between nursing & medicine... but not until about 4 years after finishing my new grad program did i feel proficient - not only skill-wise, but in therapeutic & professional communication. communication is so key. the ability to listen is golden. it also take several years to really get to know coworkers as well as their strengths & weaknesses.
  3. nursie_nursie_415

    Anybody LIKE working holidays?

    Working holidays is great because the staffing (in my facility) is guaranteed the standard and then some. Especially during the holiday season, I would much rather work a holiday/holiday weekend (where the slopes tend to be "blacked-out") & trade it for a weekday so a trip can be made to Tahoe without having to deal with all the traffic & excess of foreign vacationers. I love working holidays & I can't wait until the weather starts to get gloomy & nonstop rainy. SNOW!!! I'VE MISSED YOU!!!
  4. nursie_nursie_415

    The flu shot making people sick

    about 10 years ago was the only time i have ever received a flu shot & was also the only time i have ever become so sick it felt that i was near death. coincidence? it's possible... (who the heck knows what REALLY goes into those syringes?) but i have never received the shot again & have never contracted the flu again - a FACT. i'm all about equipping my body with what it needs to fight diseases as opposed to relying on vaccines/medication as preventative measures. the founding father of medicine, hippocrates, said it best: "food is medicine." i know this is contrary to our role as nurses but honestly, the more i learn about medicine & "disease care" (NOT "health care") the more i want to avoid medication. these days, more & more there are medical doctors who are beginning to [re]embrace this concept which, ironically, was the basis of the practice of medicine long before pharmaceutical companies took the driver seat. thankfully, my facility does not require us to receive the vaccination (yet) but i fear for my future as a healthcare professional when the time comes that it is being decided for me what goes into MY BODY. imagine a world where we are lined-up, forced to receive whatever injection is decided that we "need" in order to be deemed worthy of continuing our practice. today, the flu shot. tomorrow, who knows? SCARY. should some people get the shot? if their intake of nutrients is deficient enough for their immune system to be unable to combat disease, then maybe so. should we as healthcare professionals be educating the public about the importance of a diet that would enable our bodies to repair itself from damage & fight off disease? absolutely. are we doing this? NO - because we have ventured sooo far from nutrition as our best source of health & have been brainwashed into thinking that medicine/vaccines are the answer. such a sad state of "disease care" we are in...
  5. nursie_nursie_415

    Weird, but missing my old state's nurses union!

    NOTHING compares to living in northern california... the "higher $tandard of living" is balanced by a higher standard of living - i can't be convinced otherwise.
  6. nursie_nursie_415

    Pay Off My Student Loans In Full or Make Monthly Payments?

    If you can, PAY OFF THE LOAN. You have no "savings" if you're already in debt. Fluidity accounts for some peace of mind but really, any money you "save" is not helping you out of debt. If you pay off your loan & find you need some cash, there are always credit cards (not the best choice but still better than owing a crooked loaner). Worst case scenario: you cannot find work & you file for bankruptcy because of credit card debt which you CANNOT do with student loans. Student loans are the devil & need to be eliminated pronto. Better to suffer from 7 years of bankruptcy on your record than a lifetime of student loan debt that probably can never, EVER be erased & will only grow into an uglier monster. (Google: Student debt horror stories.) I used credit cards to pay for LVN school & then LVN-RN school. I was able to pay them off quickly on 0% interest (given they were paid within a year I believe?) after transferring the balance to another credit card. I lived with my parents & maintained a frugal lifestyle (thankfully no children or outstanding expenses to deal with). When you take out a student loan, you don't have as much control as compared to other ways of financing your education. I have been blessed & fortunate to be able to have the option to use credit cards to finance my lifestyle (I even purchased my first vehicle with 2 credit cards & paid them off in the same way within 5 months while living with my parents & working my butt off). I know my decisions are not fit for everyone's situation but it worked VERY well for me & I hope this post can help at least one other person on this site to gain some insight, hope & alternative mindset. Good luck to everyone in pursuing this expensive education.
  7. nursie_nursie_415

    Family members applying topical ointments

    When a patient agrees to be treated in a hospital, they also agree to "our way" of treating them. That said, it is the "good" nurse who finds that happy medium between family involvement in care, patient compliance to prescribed treatment & the appropriate doctor's orders to accompany this care plan.
  8. nursie_nursie_415

    Does where you go to school matter?

    ... also, CCNE & NLNAC schools will accept transfer units from CCNE & NLNAC schools only.
  9. nursie_nursie_415

    Does where you go to school matter?

    Some hospitals specifically will not hire RNs who graduated from schools that are not CCNE or NLNAC accredited. Period.
  10. nursie_nursie_415

    What Kind of Patients Do You LIKE Most?

    Patients who don't abuse the call light. And grumpy, cantankerous, crotchety old patients - they're so funny :)
  11. nursie_nursie_415

    What are you really good at?

    ... just recently someone told me that i look like i "know what i'm doing" :)
  12. nursie_nursie_415

    does anyone regret this career?

    there are some things i like about inpatient nursing & some things i hate. being a nurse for over 8 years, just in the past year have i found true enjoyment & fulfillment in what i do as a chosen career. finally i feel a balance between being a good nurse & being a good employee. if i could change the past, i would have started investing before i was even potty-trained & started several businesses as a youth... and i FOR SURE would not be a nurse. overall, i am thankful to have my current lifestyle but i would not recommend being a nurse to anyone i know. i think nursing schools should stop brainwashing their students into thinking that being a nurse is the most important role in health care. they should stop feeding the "doctor vs. nurse" flame & instead should teach nursing students how to learn from others without challenging them. nursing schools need to be upfront about the fact that "health care" is really "disease care" & nurses are mere pawns in the game of ho$pital bu$ine$$. if nursing schools would just keep it real with their students, then the expectations are managed & less would feel disappointed & regretful when their expectations are not met. ... now that i know & have accepted these things, my perspective has totally changed - i don't hate being a nurse anymore & i can truly connect with my patients as not just a nurse but as a human. in a way, my care is fueled by feeling somewhat sorry for them because they are unwell, stuck in a broken system that doesn't work & is continuing to crumble.
  13. nursie_nursie_415

    All of a sudden an ASN is no good anymore

    ... I have an ASN & several years of experience. Just recently I got called to interview for a per diem position I applied for about a month ago, so I wouldn't say that an "ASN is no good anymore". If BSN is preferred, then experience regardless of degree still takes the cake... However, I am all for BSN being the new standard. I always thought it was funny that ASN nurses coordinated care for patients while much of the other staff had Bachelor's & Master's degrees.
  14. nursie_nursie_415

    Help Wanted: 2 years and still no good job.

    in 2007 during my clinical preceptorship when I was finishing RN school (ASN), the LVNs were all in the process of being transferred to the clinics. In 2008 I got hired at that same company (different hospital) & there is only ONE LVN employed in the entire hospital & she is part of the wound care team. If you desire to work in the acute inpatient setting, go for your BSN. The facility I work for does not require a BSN & many hospitals in Northern California hire ASN/ADN nurses, but with the competition being so stiff at present, a BSN is highly recommended if you do not have acute care experience.
  15. nursie_nursie_415

    LVN 4.5 years just got arrested misdemeanor DUI

    In 2006 when I was an LVN, after working for about 2ish years I was convicted on DUI charges. I blew a .16 but was not arrested because the whole incident revolved around a car accident which landed me in the hospital (I was okay). Instead, I did 14 days of community service & was placed on 3 years court probation. My LVN license went under review & after mailing the BVNPT with all the requested documents, it was decided that I could continue to be licensed. My DUI prevented me from attending my first day of a correctional facility clinical rotation during ADN RN school & it delayed the process of obtaining my RN license (BRN asked for all of the documents also). Since, my criminal record has remained clean & I have not had any further issues with my DUI. However, when applying for jobs, every single application required me to mention this conviction. I was able to land my first RN job about 6 months after taking the NCLEX. Just recently, I applied for another job (looking for per diem work) & was just called to get scheduled for an interview. My DUI was also required information on this job application. I worked as an LVN (1 job) for about 3.5 years & have been working as an RN (same job) for 4.5 years. I have always lived & worked in California & I do not plan on having this conviction expunged. Hope this information helps!
  16. nursie_nursie_415

    Comparing a nurses' salary

    During my first year as a new grad I made just under $90k working 32hrs/week on the evening shift. My second year I made just under $110k. I live & work in the Bay Area & these types of salaries are why nurses from all over the world are trying to work here. Those out-of-staters who do land jobs here unfortunately do not spend their money in Bay Area communities but instead spend their paychecks in their home towns. California is bankrupt, people! If you want to continue being paid these good salaries, be sure to support your local businesses - these are the people who are our patients/paying clients. I am not against non-Californians being hired in Bay Area hospitals, but it is important to "give back" instead of taking, taking, taking... Don't get me wrong - I have so much love for my fellow nurses who fly in from other states regularly for work here in the Bay Area to support their families back home, but my heart aches for my other fellow nurses who can't get jobs. The situation is not helped with all these "nursing schools" pumping our new grads every semester. California, what is happening to us?