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Be kind to NURSES, We choose the size of your IV! Please feel free to share, like, tweet etc... :) Of course this is a total joke, no, we don't endorse unnecessary pain. We also shared this on our facebook... Read More

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    I reread the whole thread (rhyme every time). Still think it's funny.

    Here's one of my favorite inappropriate remarks: "It's time for your pillow therapy." Patients usually think it's a humorous allusion to nap time if they overhear it. Little do they know that I really mean a DIRT nap, tee hee. (Jeez, lighten up. I DO NOT advocate pillow therapy, but it sure is fun to imagine it.)

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    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    I would hate to see the criticism here if he didn't add the joke disclaimer. We got hurt feelings from a satyrical IV joke. I guess humor is like dimples, you can't develope dimples
    The only thing that ever offends me about the jokes and cartoons posted on this site is that, all too often, they're simply not funny. I expect LOLS when I open a humor post!
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    I'm surprised that anyone would take this seriously or offensive. It's CLEARLY meant to be a joke.

    I find humor in it and I actually HATE even giving injections. I mean, I'll do it and I can do it well, but I hate giving injections even more than I hate starting IV's. I don't like getting injections (so I always just turn my head and don't look) so if there's someone else who CAN do it instead of me then I always step back and let them. I just hate to inflict pain, even if it's as minor as a shot, on anyone...even people who have been IV drug users...weird, I know.

    Still, it's a funny joke.
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