Be kind to nurses... we choose the size of your IV

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I saw this on Facebook a few weeks ago and it made me laugh. Love that you're using it to advertise allnurses.


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Well, to be honest, no offense, but I don't find it that funny, really. . .b/c well, I just don't find it funny. I mean when obnoxious and abusive drunk comes in, swearing and caring on, I might give such a comment a quick grin; but, IDK, it probably wouldn't make me laugh, outright. Now if you called him gentle, sugar britches, maybe. . .

And I can see how some would not like it as well. . .maybe b/c I work mostly with peds and parents right now. They tend to go into hyper-protective mode with their children. They feel guilt and stress when their kids have to undergo anything painful or uncomfortable. It goes with the territory.

At the end of the day, eh. I just don't see a physician group posting such things in jest. It's not a huge deal to me either way.

All I'm saying is trust is something hard won. We may, however, take such things for granted, b/c most of us are moral and caring and competent human beings. But there is a whole lot of lack of trust for nurses and people in healthcare in general. Why undermine it further?

But as I said, I would never get my panties in a knot over it. It's kind of like the unspoken rule of making certain jokes and such, but not doing it in mixed company. People that don't work in nursing don't understand the obnoxious ED drunk that's continually abusive. And they don't get that we are still going to give that obnoxious pain in the arse good care, it's just that sometimes we say things for humorous stress relief.

so i'm just saying. . . otherwise, whatever.. .

samadams8 said:
Well, I mean, that person could definitely benefit from at least a 14 guage. :cheeky:

That's not funny.

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Esme12 said:
There is something to be said for punitive medicine....we also can choose the size of the foley.....

Just saying....:whistling:

...and how much sand to add to the Surgilube before Mr. Foley meets Mr. Johnson. ;)

Just typing... :yes:

Sertiously, other than the old lore, is there reaaly a larger IV that hurts more than a smaller one? Many years ago, this may have been true (when the tips of the needles were more blunt); during the past twenty years or so, the tip is sharper, hence, no "pop" felt when the needle enters most veins.


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I thought it was funny, it was clearly meant to be a joke. I have an odd sense of humor though.


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Ok, everyone lighten up. This is a site for nurses. So what if we have a dark sense of humor? It sure helps when you have a dying infant in your arms, or a patient bleeding out, or you are choking on your own bile from the smell of a burn patient. With nurses I feel like I should be able to vent and be Non PC. Who else would get where I am coming from. Maybe I have a few miles on me, but please people lighten up. Our jobs are hard enough without us bitchin at each other on here. I'm just saying...


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Heaven help me the day I can't find humor--dark or otherwise--in my daily grind. I found this funny, and have often had patients comment that they love my sense of humor.

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FlorenceNtheMachine said:
"I was once voted the worst audience participant 'Cirque du Soleil' ever had."


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That Guy said:
I had fun once.


I had fun once. It was terrible.


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hiddencatRN said:
That's not funny.

Yea, I was messing around; but no I really don't agree that it's something that should be shared with the GP. It's just that I'm not real UPTIGHT about it either.

Apart from any possible undermining of trust with some folks, it's just not a big deal.

I think the bigger difference in discomfort is the sharpness of needle upon getting it in. Some of these angio needles are dull as all heck, even if the person's skin isn't thick.

Otherwise I won't lose sleep over it.


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I come across with this saying all over the world wide web. I am a nurse and I have grown to get disgusted of this "humor".

Please, please, please come up with something else now. This is no longer funny but aggravating to me anymore.

I know it is meant to be funny, but I couldn't stop me from venting. I am done now.


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LOL!! I always thought it was stupid to anger the person sticking you with needles, especially when that same person controls your access to pain medicine. Just sayin'.

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