Having a celebrity as a patient

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    Anyone ever had a celebrity as a patient or a celebrity in your place of work? Please share any information if possible. Did you experience any problems because they were there? ie. fans, phone calls, etc

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    I took care of a politician once that is well known in my state. He was actually very nice and an easy pt. He did have a small entourage, in security, but they hung outside his door and pretty much out of my way. I found myself chatting with him about small things, kids, family, life and didn't talk politics once. The best thing was, our hospital was really sucking up and gave me only 2 pt's to take care of, instead of my normal 6, lol. It made for an easy day, since both were pod 1 appy pt's, lol.
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    we had a record producer in the hospital and on days some girl came to deliver her some balloons someone sent and sing to her and drop her demo. She was promptly kicked off the unit LOL.

    Our hospital has had the Mayor of Detroit, and a few hockey players in the past as well as football players.
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    I was taking care of the Archbishop after CABG. He was giving me a hard time taking his meds. Getting a bit impatient I said "See just like you. You do it everyday . Open your mouth,"( then I popped his pills in ) saying .''There ya go. Body of Christ ''.

    OPS!!! I promptly bolted out of the room when I realized what I'd blurted out .He sat there mouth gaping like I was the divil incarnate. I still cringe thinking about it.
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    I took care of a famous actor's wife and baby girl on Mother/Baby. They were incredibly nice and down-to-earth. There was buzz around the hospital but no random outside visitors trying to get in or anything. The only jarring part was when I came into the room and one of their visitors was another famous actress! I just stammered "Hi!" and did what I had to do
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    I've had a couple different experiences with taking care of celebrities- we had to lock down the unit at one place d/t someone stalking this star (who was there visiting her sister). It's weird waking up a celebrity and taking their VS, telling them what to do, etc.
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    It so happened I floated to L&D the day a huge pop singer came into the unit. Because of her status they would only allow tenured staff to interact with the patient. You treat him/her in the same regards as you would any other patient. But, be mindful of the other patients on the unit and explain to the patient entourages should be kept to a minimum as with any other inpatient care. This wasn't a problem for her at the time, but once news got around she was in the hospital the lobbies became too much to bear. I've dealt with many "celebrities" in healthcare, but this particular artist had to be the largest of them all. At the end of the day, I am not concerned with who you are professionally rather than assuring you are stable to leave the facility.
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    Here in Canada there is a very good mental health facility my friend works in that has has a number of celebrities from the states come up for treatment as it is very private. My friend of course has never named names but she says I`d be surprised.
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    I cared for a family member of a courttv talking head.She had such an attitude of entitlement.Funny thing was she was not as well-known as she believed.Everytime she tried to throw her weight around she just received a blank stare.
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    Speaking of entourages, I always found it to get a little crowded in the rooms of inmates with all their guards!

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