Habits you picked up from work...

  1. 19 What are some of the habits that you pick up from work?

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    Home phone rings
    Me: Hello, Unit B, this is Nurse Pixie how may I help you.

    Any Alarm rings (microwave, preheating oven, dryer cycle done etc)
    Me: turning on heels to go find the offending infusion pump

    Needing to use the bathroom
    Hands over cell to daughter and asks she cover my phone for a couple of minutes
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    I knock on my own bedroom door and say, "Nursing!"
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    Washing my hands BEFORE using the bathroom.
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    what's a lunch hour???
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    trying to swipe my badge on our bedroom door, the bathroom door.. & it's usually when I don't even have my badge on! Also at work, trying to swipe my badge on doors that don't require badge access.
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    Hey Brian! You are on a roll here. Thanks buddy. We needed that laugh. Keep 'em coming.
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    When I used to work nocs, the beeping of the garbage truck backing up when I was sleeping during the day always caused me to wake up thinking "What alarm is that!?!"
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    Signing "carbonate_flower, RN" on cheques etc.
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    Sometimes I have an increase sense of awareness. I can tell when something about a person is not right. Sure enough the person either falls or something crazy happens, but I sensed the danger long before it happened.
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    Whenever anyone comes around me, unbeknownst to them, they've just received a head to toe assessment!
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    Signing my checks with "RN" after my name.
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    I work on a locked unit so I catch myself reaching for keys as I open doors in my own house!

    I have done the check/credit card "RN" thing (I bet we all have! I mean you only sign your name that way a billion times in just one shift! How could it not become automatic?)

    And the kids know... they are prepared... that when they ask me, "Mom, what is diabetes?" or (thanks to TV commercials) "Mom, what's a catheter. What are they talking about?"... they know to grab a pillow and get comfy because it's Teachin' Time. I can't help it, though! I'm crazy like that!

    One last thing, I do hospital corners on my own bed.
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