Habits you picked up from work...

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    What are some of the habits that you pick up from work?

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    Home phone rings
    Me: Hello, Unit B, this is Nurse Pixie how may I help you.

    Any Alarm rings (microwave, preheating oven, dryer cycle done etc)
    Me: turning on heels to go find the offending infusion pump

    Needing to use the bathroom
    Hands over cell to daughter and asks she cover my phone for a couple of minutes
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    I knock on my own bedroom door and say, "Nursing!"
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    Washing my hands BEFORE using the bathroom.
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    what's a lunch hour???
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    trying to swipe my badge on our bedroom door, the bathroom door.. & it's usually when I don't even have my badge on! Also at work, trying to swipe my badge on doors that don't require badge access.
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    Hey Brian! You are on a roll here. Thanks buddy. We needed that laugh. Keep 'em coming.
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    When I used to work nocs, the beeping of the garbage truck backing up when I was sleeping during the day always caused me to wake up thinking "What alarm is that!?!"
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    Signing "carbonate_flower, RN" on cheques etc.
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    Sometimes I have an increase sense of awareness. I can tell when something about a person is not right. Sure enough the person either falls or something crazy happens, but I sensed the danger long before it happened.
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