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How long is your commute to your workplace? Do you think the long commute is worth it? Do you even consider the time you spend sitting in a car, bus, or train when computing your salary? Click Like if you enjoyed... Read More

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    Quote from FlyingScot
    When I was exhausted after a long shift I found it extremely difficult to be "productive" on the drive home short of trying to stay awake and not get myself or someone else killed. Your mileage may vary.
    My work is 8-5 so I leave at 7 and get home at 6. It's a good deal to me but I can't imagine doing say 7am to 7pm... Leaving at 6am and getting home at 8pm? No thanks! I have a truck so that's fun but it holds a lot which saves me the multiple drives to the gas station. It's about $75 a week in gas which is okay with my budget.

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    Try 7pm to 7am which meant leaving at 5pm and getting home at 9am. Totally sucked! I stayed with my parents some days but my schedule was often work one off one work one. If I stayed over at my folks there were times that I didn't sleep in my own bed for 14 days straight. Totally not worth it.
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    I drive 55 mile one way. I work 6a-6p. Getting up at 4a really sucks but u have time to wake up. I do private duty w/ a quad in her home. I love her to death and wouldn't give up the case for anything!
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    I used to drive 30 min and would put gas in my car every week. I also made $6 more per hour than I was making closer to home. THEN I was offered a job 5 min from my house with a matching wage so I took it. I still work on call at the place that is a 30 min drive (don't wanna close that door). Now I put gas in my car every 2 weeks. Plus at the job I work at now, OT is readily available. At the job that's 30 min away I never got OT once. It just wasn't worth the drive every day. I was missing my family and would struggle to stay awake on the commute home. Plus the roads can get very icy and I didn't want to have to deal with that.
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    Thankfully I have a workplace that is near my home so the commute is bearable.
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    I left a job that was about a 7 minute drive for one that's 50 miles (1hr-ish) to get into critical care. It's a long trip, especially being night shift, but it's worth it because I really enjoy my job now
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    I do 45 minutes with little traffic. It's made me a book on tape addict. My library has tons and I also download. I've listened to things I never would have taken the time to read and sometimes am actually looking forward to the drive to hear more of the story. =)
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    I am a student, school is 35 miles one way. I plan at working at a hospital a similar distance from home after graduation if I get hired in the city I wish to work.
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    I am a Maryland student living w/ my parents & drive about 50 mins (on a good day) to my community college. Once I get into a BSN program I will get an apartment within a 10 mile radius of the school so I don't have long commutes anymore. Plus it will most likely be in the Baltimore area so it will be more of a city than where my parents live now. I've already made promises to myself in the future to rent/buy a house near whatever hospital I work at eventually. I hate driving.
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    When I started nursing school the drive from my rural hometown to school/clinicals was about 1 hour. After 1 semester I moved to the nearest metro area, about an hour from my home and 30 min from school. It made sense, considering I did not know where future semesters and job opportunities might take me and the city was a central hub. Upon graduation, the only job I could find (without considering out of state relocation) was 30 minutes up the mountain from my rural hometown - leaving me with a 1.5 hour commute, each way. This made my part-time job fill as much time as a full time, and I was spending 15 hours a week in my car. Yuck! I really had to carefully consider whether I ought to stay in the city and seek a job nearby, or move back to my little town in the hills. I've grown to love my school nursing job and have moved back to my hometown. I enjoy a 30 min (one-way) commute up the most beautiful, mountainous, lush highway. What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning and unwind at the end of the work day.

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