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  1. pc2801

    Hmm...that's nice

    My ex had many medical issues and I was a CNA and nursing student the kast time I accompanied him to the hospital. Mom and dad took days and I had nights. I told RN and CNA that I was a student and would help with his care in any way they needed but tried to stsy out of their way. I was there to listen to the docs and relay info to mom and dad after rounds as well as help him sleep due to his anxiety.
  2. pc2801

    Funny Things Patients Say

    I had a dementia patient screaming "I can't see! I can't see." I walked in the room (lights were already on) and saw her clenching her eyes shut so I said to her "Mrs. xxx, open your eyes." She did, so then I asked her if she could see me. Yes, she could see me and when asked what color my top was she answered "blue," which was the color of my scrub top that night. I just had to laugh at that exchange.
  3. pc2801

    Is nursing school REALLY that hard?

    It is hard for all the reasons previously stated but do able. I'd like to add enjoy your school breaks. Plan to see your friends you might not see during the semester, go to a movie or whatever fun things you like to do. It will help if you can unwind a little between terms. And for the SATA questions I look at each choice as a T/F in relation to the question.
  4. In my facility, the patients meds will be ordered for first dose when the order is input in the computer, often the patient is still in the ED, so the meds are already late by the time I get the patient in the room. It can take me 5 minutes to get the meds or over an hour depending on what part of shift the patient arrives. When ED send patient at shift change I haven't even peeked at orders and unless they are in distress I am going to settle them in, check on all my patients then return to review what meds patient has already taken that day before pulling meds. Often a.m. meds were taken at home but pharmacy will put in 1st dose at 7 p.m. and again at 7 a.m. for daily dosing. I usually end up not giving half the first dose meds because they are medically contraindicated. If I do give the meds they are late because of patient care prioritization or patient off unit.
  5. pc2801

    To Nursing Students from a Clinical Instructor

    Nearly a year out of school and still fighting to get hired my first RN position in acute care. Wish those making hiring decisions remembered they were once in my position and realize interviews do not make the nurse but rather heart.
  6. I don't know what I've spent over that past two school years on books and supplies but I can tell you how I chose to save money. I found uniforms for my school on craigslist. They were $5 for a polos and $10 for whites. We wear polos in lecture and lab and whites in the hospital. The price for polos new at the bookstore was $25 each. I did not find my textbooks online for my first semester so I searched the web for used and previous editions and saved at least half off the new price. Most times an immediate past edition will work just fine. Last summer I found a craigslist ad for 33 different text books covering both the ADN and BSN program at my school, the poster wanted $100 for all the books. I noticed that one book I already had in the lot was currently selling online used for $65+ and there were several good reference books I did not have in the lot. I paid $100 and within 24 hours had sold the one book for $65. I sold several more over the next two weeks and made my $100 back and now had about 20 books I paid nothing for. Because I will be done in October, I plan on passing most of my older edition study guides and reference materials to a friend starting at a different school in August.
  7. Form a study group, I liked using Fundamentals Success to prepare for tests. Don't listen to what you hear about a course/instructor. I found if I went in with an open mind and was prepared for class those scary stories were not true at all. I made nursing school my own experience. It is important to stay current on your readings, attend all lectures (or watch online if you are an online student). My courses had an online option, but the recorded lectures were available to everyone, so I would go back and listen to them while I went about cleaning the house or cooking dinner or even downloading lectures to listen to in my car on my commute to class.
  8. pc2801

    Tips on Saving Money

    Used textbooks and even previous editions of the textbooks to save money. I've never had an issue using a previous edition, but always check with the instructor if possible to see if I can use the previous edition. Most of the time there aren't many major changes, sometimes a chapter or two may be reordered or questions at the end of the chapter change with little else changed.
  9. pc2801

    Fall class schedule for pre requisites

    I took Chemistry w/lab, A&P I w/lab, Nutrition and Sociology all at the same time. I was taking them at 2 different schools 30 miles apart as well in order to be able to take A&P I in the fall so I could take A&P II w/lab in the spring (with Micro w/lab). I went to the school nearest my home M, Tu, & Th and the away school M, W,F. I had classes morning, noon and night. I recorded lectures and listened to them in my car when I commuted. I had some trouble in Chemistry and the tutoring was only available during the day/times I was at the other school, so I eventually spoke with the professor there and let him know why I wasn't going to come to class and how I planned to keep my grades up (it helped that he knew me for several years on a professional level at a former job). I skipped that class several times to get tutoring and brought my Chemistry grade up while keeping an A in the class I missed. So, yes it is possible to take these classes and get good grades, but you have to be serious and focused. I was rarely home between 7:30a-8:30p and I was always in the library, my car or class.
  10. pc2801

    A&P or Chemistry.....

    I am good at math but didn't do well in chemistry, I survived but was failing most of the term until I was able to get some intense tutoring. I loved A&P and did really well, I ended up tutoring other students in A&P.
  11. If you feel a passion for nursing go for it! Like others said, your age is not a factor. There may be financial aid/grants available to you. One of the best programs in my area is through Workforce, it doesn't pay for pre-reqs, but pays up to $7500 once you are in an approved program of study and includes childcare costs in some cases. Talk to the financial aid office at your school about what you might be eligible to receive in aid.
  12. pc2801

    Would you do this?

    I am a student nurse, there are other nursing actions that I can think of that could have been taken without giving the Tylenol. Perhaps a cool compress, accupressure, temple message or even hydrating the patient. For the 0100 and 0200 calls to the MD we're being taught in school to have a second nurse on the line to co-sign the telephone order when we get our license and can take orders. Who knows if the MD is fully awake and aware of what he is authorizing at that hour. What if he went to a dinner party earlier and had a few drinks, or took an Ambien? You CYA when you have a second nurse on the line when you take a telephone order in the middle of the night and the MD and facility can't throw you under the proverbial bus if something goes wrong.
  13. pc2801

    One set of scrubs?

    In my program we wear or scrub pants to lecture and clinicals. We wear a white zip front scrub top to clinical 1 day a week and a polo to our classroom and skills labs. I was wearing my pants 4x a week in my first semester. I had 2 pair of scrubs, I would re-wear the pants after lectures or skills lab if they were still clean, but I was doing laundry several times a week some weeks when I couldn't re-wear after a lecture because I spilled coffee or something during the day. I would recommend at least two sets though I never take an extra to the hospital, since we would get a pair of hospital scrubs if something really gross got on our uniform. Now I am in my 3rd semester and working 5 nights a week in private duty, I have 4 pair of white scrub pants I can wear for school or work and several pair of different colored scrub pants I can wear to work. Wal-mart sells scrubs for around $15, I've also bought scrubs and uniforms for my program second hand off craigslist very inexpensively.
  14. pc2801


    I had that same feeling, but only two or three texts were actually used on a regular basis in my Fundamentals course and most of the texts will get me through my entire program with a couple more books peppered in for things like psych, maternety and pediatrics. I did sleep with my Fundamentals text most nights as the amount of reading was overwhelming in the beginning. No use reading ahead though because most of what you will read will be forgotten by the time you start class. Better to read just before the lectures and be prepared to ask questions if you don't understand something you read.
  15. pc2801

    Great Gift for Nursing Student (2nd career)?

    I am a single student so I don't really have anyone but myself to worry about. All my married classmates complain, they wish their husbands really understood how tough nursing school is and would help out more with the day to day household stuff. That said, if you have kids, do everything you can to take them out of the way so she can study quietly a few hours a day or each weekend. If no kids, maybe just making sure the shopping, laundry, cooking and cleaning are done as much as you can help her with these tasks. I know when my mom cooks me dinner once a week, it is the best meal I'm going to eat all week. I usually prefer to have dinner with her after I have clinicals once a week. The night before clinicals would be nice too, but I have too much to do from going to the hospital to review charts and preparing med cards for the next morning that I can't count on being able to sit down and eat a meal with mom. Keep lots of snack size packages on hand - baby carrots, granola/cereal bars, nuts, dried fruit or trail mix is always nice to have when studying.
  16. compression stockings are great for those long clinical days on your feet. I made a clinicals bag, in it I put a small makeup bag with chapstick, pain reliever, $3-$5, tampons, deodorant etc. I also carried my folder with my completed chart review or care plans I needed to turn in at clinicals, my stethoscope, pen lights, a small spiral bound book I could put in my pocket and take notes while at clinicals, lab value cards (instructor provided), a granola bar, bottle of water.