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Arrrgghhh, get the smell off!!

  1. 20 Extreme measures are sometimes warranted.

    When was the last time you felt the need to 'cleanse' yourself?

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    Baby powder will get the smell off, but tomato juice has no effect.
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    Sometimes I feel like certain stronger odors are clinging to my nose hairs, lol!
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    Nothing quite like the smell of an infected stage 4 wound to burn the nose hairs. That smells sticks with me more than cdiff!
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    The smell has singed my nose hairs. I hope they will grow back.
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    C difficile!
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    a small amount of Vicks on the upper lip below the nose helps with smells...

    You probably don't stink...your nose does.
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    Quote from artsmom
    Nothing quite like the smell of an infected stage 4 wound to burn the nose hairs. That smells sticks with me more than cdiff!
    I was thinking the same...only the pt is diabetic too. For some reason, that makes it worse.
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    A kid spit on me when I was administering vaccines one time. I could hardly blame her though. I definitely "felt the need to 'cleanse'".
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    I have allergies so I'm congested most of the time. The smells don't hit me as hard, thankfully.
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    Bad GI Bleeders and people whose body systems are shutting down and are literally rotting within the unit. Very sad, but it happens. You walk into the unit, and you are overwhelmed by the smell. It's impossible to miss unless you have Cranial Nerve 1 damage.
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    Two time I can remember

    1) Pt who was litterally rotting to death.

    2) When I was rocking a ped patient ( probably 5) and was covered in head to toe vomit. I took a shower at work that day.
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    The smell from the cadaver lab. Even after showering I can still smell it for a day--the formadalyde and subtle decomp. Our cadavers weren't well embalmed, they had to remove pieces every couple weeks because they rotted so badly. Yet, we kept those incredible shrinking cadavers for the whole year.

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