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I love the holidays. Is there anyone here who doesn't? Please share your most dreadful or most memorable holiday stories. :) Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments below!... Read More

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    I love the incarnation. Not a fan of the pointless consumer/family crap.

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    Here every person working a statutory holiday makes time-and-a-half, including cashiers. That is simple labour law. Not only that, but many of those places are DEAD on Christmas.

    Quote from Ntheboat2
    Umm...nurses and doctors are compensated accordingly. If you make 7.50 an hour as a cashier then you're gonna make 7.50 an hour on Christmas day also.
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    Just as I'm reading through all these posts, that *stupid* radio shack commercial came on, the one with the little girl screaming about a new phone. Last year, all I asked for was a visit home to Michigan since we moved out of state in 2009 and hadn't been back up there since. It was the best gift ever. My partner and I also bought gifts, most of which ended up being sold to the pawn shop when we hit some rough times. I'm all about experiences. I love the non-commercial aspects of the holidays. I do enjoy spending time with my family and merging my families traditions with my partner's. I agree to put up the tree the day after Thansgiving, as long as we drink hot chocolate and listen to Elvis Presley's Christmas album while decorating! We are young and don't have children yet, so the holidays are pretty much a done deal. It's just a matter of whose side of the family we are spending it with. We have noticed that both sides kind of splurge on the holidays, especially mine because I have 3 cousins under the age of 16. I just hope when we are ready to have kids, we will be able to teach them the meaning behind the holidays, and not the religious aspects. I want them to get that warm feeling I get when I remember the multiple times my mom and I pulled stars of the giving trees and picked out presents for children whose families couldn't worry about Christmas because they had to worry about rent, food and keeping the heat on. I'll keep the wonderful parts of these holidays and leave the commercial parts for those crazy Black Friday shoppers!
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    I just don't think it's that important to have those retail store workers leave their families on the one day they can take a break. Many of them have more than 1 job just to make the ends meet. I think they should at least be given a free day on the holidays. Their work is not like that of hospital workers. If someone gets sick, they definitley need medical care. Not really necessary for people to go shopping. They have the next day to do that; it's not that crucial. There really isn't a comparison between the two. I'm actually surpised that many want to part woth their money.
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    I have a large family and large extended families on both my mother and father's sides. (I am single.) I love getting together with all my cousins, especially the ones who have moved out of state and I rarely get to see. I also was lucky enough to grow up with my cousins; they were my friends growing up. There are so many of us on both sides, we each pick one name out of a hat, and buy 1 present. We make up a Christmas list so there is no buying yet another candle or bottle of lotion for someone they will not use. There is a $30 limit as well. This year one of my cousins is buying for me and I'm buying for an uncle. I love love love my families' Christmas celebrations. In my other extended family, last Christmas was the first Christmas without our Grandmother. We did that game where one person picks a present, then someone else can steal it and so on and so forth. (I can't remember what it's called?) It was a riot. In my immediate family, we also pick one person to buy for and each of us "kids" buys for the parents. Usually we get them one big thing we each pitch in for. We do enjoy presents in my family, but they are not the main thing. I love Thanksgiving. Again, it's all about the family.

    I do not participate in Black Friday; I find it disgusting actually. And embarrassing to me as an American. One of the radio stations has been playing Christmas music for the last 2 weeks already!!! They also play 3-5 Christmas songs AN HOUR. People talk about me being a Scrooge for not liking it, it's the Christmas spirit and so on and so forth. The radio station admitted that they were being paid by advertisers to play Christmas music early and so often. It's all about the money and I can't stand that. I emailed them saying what I thought about that and that I would listening to another station for the remainder of the season. This station I'm listening to now is making fun of the other one for playing so much Christmas music so early. The first Christmas commercial I saw was BEFORE HALLOWEEN!!! There is nothing special about the holidays if we spend all year "celebrating" them. As a kid, part of the fun was the suspense and waiting and excitement of crossing the days off the calender and the countdown to Christmas. Instead we spend 2 months "celebrating" Christmas. I wonder how much earlier it will keep getting? Blech.
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    Quote from lemur00
    Here every person working a statutory holiday makes time-and-a-half, including cashiers. That is simple labour law. Not only that, but many of those places are DEAD on Christmas.
    I don't know where "here" is, but there is no law that says employees must be paid anything extra, even on holidays (including Christmas day), unless they are working beyond the 40 hour standard week.

    I used to work in a restaurant and I got paid nothing extra at all to work on Thanksgiving day or any other federal holiday.
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    This year I am really in the holiday spirit. I think that for three big reasons: 1) the weather outside has actually been cool here in the south so it feels like the holidays and looks like fall for a change 2) My oldest returned from a year in Kuwait with the army in one piece so this year I don't have to only look at facebook pictures of him standing next to the 3 foot table-top christmas tree I sent wearing the felt reindeer antlers and foster grant shades, I can look at him in person doing that in front of our family tree!!! and 3) The upside of my recent firing from " the world's most horrible LTC facility" is that I am OFF for all the holidays this year!!! ...I'll worry about the pesky little thing called a paycheck sometime after the New Year in "lucky '13" that is if the Mayan's got it wrong! lol
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    I love the holidays, it is celebrating with the loved ones that make it more special and meaningful. These days it has become more about what gifts you should give but to me it is about togetherness and sharing the joy.
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    I enjoy Christmas music. I love carollers. I sing like a really ill cat, but can belt out Silent Night with the best of em. LOL! I attend a "story of Christmas" play that some local kids partake in. The music is amazing. I grew up with my Mom not laying one thing out until all of us were in bed Christmas Eve. Even when us kids were older teenagers. I have tried with my own children to have a meaningful traditional Christmas with emphasis on the preperation and how beautiful it can be. It is really difficult when there's lots of "whatta ya mean you got a book. REALLY????? I got a laptop" kind of talk. Back in the day it was a few small things. But we loved them because the expectation was far different. So I enjoy the holiday preperations the most.
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    Loath Entirely!!!!!!!! This year I am in my first year after graduation and not only do I have, student loans, mortgage, utilities, wife and 2 grown sons living at home, cars that require upkeep, animals that cause expenses, but NOW 'here comes good ole XMAS!!!' I COULD PUKE! Now I get to throw $$ at some stupid holiday! Let me swap presents with some of these people that I can't even stand to see let alone buy something for them!!! Someone stop the madness, I want to get off...
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