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  1. Hi All, well i was able to find a job within a month and a half of relicensure, but asides from all the issues i already have to deal with I am running into another problem at work. I have narcotic stips for one year this is known by the entire nursing management team including the administrator. I felt really weird and embarassed the first day i was orientating i had to tell the first nurse i was with i couldnt pass narcotics and then and all she said was oh my god are you on tpapn? i just told her no and that was the end of that. Then i had to tell my the nurse i was relieving i couldnt touch narcotics, he was ok he didnt ask me anything else he just said ok. Then i had to tell the medication aide i couldnt count narcotics. And he didnt ask why either. just said ok. Then there is the nurse i work with daily. This nurse i told her from day one i couldnt pass narcotics for one year and if she could help me out with that then i could help her with something everyday. She just said ok...but since the first day i had to work with her alone it was on. The med aide would tell her he was ready to count and she would say to tell me and then i have to tell her that i cant count. then she will get upset. And on Thursday. this past week she wanted me to count the cart again. we were at the nurses station and all the nurses were there. she tells me in front of everyone.."why cant you pass narcotics?' i know i turned red as a tomato because when she asked me that in front of everyone my face turned hot. so i quickly told her that it had nothing to do with diverting meds or anything to do with the meds at work that it was something that happened nine years ago and left it at that. but she continued to get upset everytime she had to deal with the controlled drugs for me. and even then still told the med aide again for me to count. so i dont know how to handle this anymore. i try to continue working with my head up and just do my job taking care of my patients that depend on me.
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  3. by   Twoyearnurse
    Oh dear, I am sorry you are dealing with this. We all know nurses eat their own, and you do not bow before any man. You are courageous and strong. Deal kindly with this person. Continue to keep asking her assistance, above all continue to document the things you do for her patients in extange for her help with the narcotics! Hopefully as she grows to know you, she will not judge you so harshly. I say to document because I'm hoping this won't turn into a situation where she complains about having to assist you. If the harassment, and this is harassment, continues I would pull her aside again. Do not become intimidated! You are strong and your head should be held high! If after a few weeks this harassment continues, ask for a sit down with your supervisor and her. Maybe she just needs some education.
  4. by   kakamegamama
    I'm so sorry you have this difficult person at your workplace. Hang in there. I agree with the previous poster. However, I would also suggest that since you are following what you have to do and this nurse is the only one hassling you, that it might be time to go ahead & discuss with the supervisor.
    I am proud of you....I know it must be a hard journey you are on.
  5. by   TXRNC
    I feel you pain got a job after a year of looking first day I explained about my narcotic restriction and the preceptor that was working with me said people like you don't deserve to be a nurse I ask what made her say that she knew nothing about my situation . Needless to say after 3 weeks she told the DON she didn't think I was going to work out so back to looking.
  6. by   moving4wrd
    Thanks for the feedback. I will document when I do help her but so far she does not let me touch any of her work. I will document it though. I love my job because I love nursing but I have only been there a week and I am already stressing due to this situation. I hope she gets better. Nursing management constantly gives me the thumbs up that I am doing great and amazed at how well I know my job. being that I had been out 9 years, its just her. It's scary, but I shouldn't let this fear overcome me. I will continue to move forward in my career. It just isnt that easy.
  7. by   Twoyearnurse
    Are there any other nurses there you can assist? Even if she is not ammendable to you helping her, maybe others are. Even if she doesn't ask for your assistance, wait for a busy day where she is drowning, do a dressing change, assist with toileting, anything really and then tell her you completed the task for her. Bring in a case of diet soda and put it in the fridge or at the nurses station with a note saying it is for everyone, she'll hear word of mouth (probably after she takes one) that you brought it. These people who don't ask questions are your allies, get to know them, let them get to know you. Esp if there are any cnas there- they are great allies also. Keep your head up!
  8. by   catmom1
    I think it is a crime that one nasty coworker can cause such fear and pain in a person who is OBVIOUSLY trying to do the right thing and is owning past wrongdoing.

  9. by   TXRN2
    it's really sad that this person is making things so difficult for you!! hang in there- try not to stress too much over it- hopefully the situation will improve!!
  10. by   moving4wrd
    Thanks all gor the support today she was a little better but she still made a comment I caught. She couldnt find some coumadins and then dhe found them later and said " I think its so stupid for nurses to steal drugs from the med carts. Why would anybody even do that." And then just looked at me. I alredy told her it had nothing witn diverting meds. In little whiles I just want to tell her I tested dirty for cocaine on pre employment drug screen nine years ago and mayb shell stop but she alredy looks at me all weird as it is.
  11. by   Earthmama
    You don't owe this woman any kind of an explanation - you don't answer to her, no matter what she thinks. She is playing passive aggressive games with you, and I find that the only way to win those kind of games is not to play. She has a preconceived judgement of you and has shown the way she is going to act - expecting her to act differently will only create stress and disappointment. All you can do is keep your head up and do the best job you possibly can, then your work will speak for itself. Other than being an annoyance and embarrassing you, this woman has no effect on you whatsoever. So just try and trust in yourself and know that you're a good nurse and an honorable person - then she can't hurt you. She doesn't matter. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this, just know that one day it will be worth it.
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  13. by   MichelleRN34
    I agree you owe her nothing.
  14. by   Twoyearnurse
    I have to add that if she already has this idea in her head about what constitutes a good or proper nurse, your explanation isn't likely to produce the desired response. She likely views any use of drugs no matter how long ago or where it was done as an indication of who the person is. It's another case of someone not understanding or caring to understand where another human being is coming from. It sounds like she is the type of nurse who will hold a grudge for having to give another pain medication to the hurting patient with a history of addiction and not think a second thought about the patient with diabetes whose had a limb removed four years ago who takes OxyContin BID. Keep your head up, you're doing amazing