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So I've only had my nursing license since 2011, and I love what I do. Unfortunately, I messed up really bad and now I'm worried about what's next. I tested positive for meth about a week ago. My... Read More

  1. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Yep I agree. People don't come to this site to be told they have done wrong by some twit that never met them. Guess What? They already know that Einstein. They don't need to be judged and punished my internet "tough" nurses who are probably spineless idiots when you meet them in person but develop a spine when the anonymity of the internet involved. Two things I know for sure. The Nurse knows they screwed up and if they had any doubts the monitoring Nazis and rehab thieves will make this fact abundantly clear and the BON involved will get its bloody retribution for all transgressions committed (and then some). Second, there is a sick percentage of nurses who feed of the misery, misdeeds and misfortune of other nurses. They gossip, judge and cast insults at every possible opportunity and it rots the credibility of a profession that is designed to lend aid and assistance to those in need and instead stands in harsh judgment of those in pain
  2. by   subee
    Quote from 3ringnursing
    That's mean.
    And ignorant. Ahhhhh. This post-factual world now is in ascendancy.