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  1. drewseph92

    Flight RN to NP

    Hi, traumaRUs, thank you for the useful information! Question here from an undergrad nursing student who was planning on taking the same grad school path as OP and wants to do both flight nursing and advanced practice: Would it still be a bad idea or difficult to get a job as an NP >1 year after graduation with flight nursing experience if the individual was an ACNP wanting to work in an ED setting? Versus trying to get a job as an FNP in a family practice for example... Also considering they would have also had to have those 3-5ish years at least of additional RN experience in ICU or ED prior to that year of flight nursing? Your words of wisdom are appreciated
  2. drewseph92

    MJC 2019 application period

    Hey there, NurseRules7! No, I do not have Bachelor's degree yet, just an Associate's. But there are a couple of students in my cohort who do, and they are exempt from taking two of the non-nursing upper-division courses that the rest of us have to take. They consider this exemption on a case-by-case basis. The primary requirement is that you have completed all of the lower-division courses included in the "BSN-Ready" form that you may have filled out and had signed by a counselor for 2 extra points when you applied to the ADN program. You also have to fill out an application, get letters of recommendation from nursing faculty at MJC, complete an admissions essay, and provide additional supporting documentation/transcripts. This occurs in March/April. I hope this helps Andrew
  3. drewseph92

    MJC 2019 application period

    Hi, Kaur6157! That's also a great question. I would personally say that sequential enrollment definitely worth considering because: A. You will graduate with your BSN from Stan State in the exact same amount of time as if you were to do their standard pre-licensure BSN program: three years from your start of nursing school B. You will save a crazy amount of money doing your first two years at MJC (our entire ADN program only costs about $1,000-$2000 per semester, $6,000 total to become an RN) and doing the four summer BSN courses on scholarship. And even though you will be responsible for paying for the last 12 months of the BSN program after you graduate MJC, you will be working as an RN making $50+/hour... and yes, most of the classes are online. There are a few clinical rotations that last year and one or two on-campus requirements. I hope it's something you'll consider. And apparently I like to make lists when I comment on this thread, lol.... Andrew
  4. drewseph92

    MJC 2019 application period

    Hey, Cdeenow! That's a great question. Gosh it's tricky because so there's not a whole lot I can say to really prepare you for first semester... and honestly I'm still kind of a newbie trying to figure out nursing school myself! Hahaha. You will definitely learn what really works for you personally as you go along. But here's some things I've learned. I hope this helps. 1. Get enough sleep. As many times as you will feel like the only way to prepare for an exam or a skills check-off is to stay up the night before, it's a trap lol. It's very difficult to absorb new information, preform to your fullest capacity, or safely care for patients when you are sleep deprived. Eat healthy and exercise as much as you can. Practice good self-care. So many in my class found this to be very helpful for both our physical and mental health. 2. Stay very organized. Do as much of the assigned reading or video watching (the later is mostly for skills lab) before you come to class. Practice as many NCLEX-Style questions related to the content you are learning as possible. This is almost equally important to the reading. 3. Make a solid group of friends that you can depend on and study/practice together. This comes quite naturally because you basically all live together first semester anyway lol, and you experience all the ups and downs that come together. This group of friends will quickly become your family and the bond is pretty awesome. 4. Have grit. On my first day of nursing school, our program tutor came and spoke to our class and she said that if she could wish one thing for us it would be grit, because that's what it takes to make it in nursing school. She was right. But no matter how hard it gets remember that you WILL make it. 5. Forgive yourself for B's and C's. This is the new normal. The first theory exam is the easiest, the second theory exam of the semester is the hardest. People walked out of that room looking like they'd seen a ghost. The exams themselves don't get easier but you learn how to process NCLEX-style questions as you go along. 6. Clinicals are so much fun!!! You go to the hospital the day before to whatever floor you'll be rotating on the next day, and you actually get to pick your patient. You do all the required prep forms using the patients chart and that takes a few hours. The next day at clinical you will meet for a short pre-conference (usually at 0600) and work with your patient and their care team the whole day until your post-conference (usually about 1700 for one hour). It's a full twelve hour day. But toward the end of the semester you might be allowed to take up to two patients if your clinical instructor clears you to. At new student orientation, you will be allowed to ballot for the hospital of your choice (no guarantees). Clinical rotations start the 7th week of semester. The first clinical is "CNA-Buddy Day" and after that you take on the role of the Student Nurse. 7. For right now, just relax. Enjoy this moment because you've worked so hard to get here and you DESERVE this!!! You will learn everything you need to know once semester starts. For now, spend time with your loved ones (you will miss them lol), go on a vacation, read for pleasure. Binge watch something on Netflix. Also take the time to clean your house and finish any projects that need to be done at home because your free time will be very limited. I'm very much looking forward to meeting all of you at orientation. If you ever need anything, just reach out. I've really enjoyed reading this thread and watching your group's journey. It has reminded me to be thankful for this incredibly amazing opportunity that we share. Congratulations, and Welcome -Andrew
  5. drewseph92

    How to become a Legal Nurse Consultant?

    Do people ever work primarily in the clinical setting and accept part-time contracts as an LNC? Or is that not actually a thing... just curious
  6. drewseph92

    MJC 2019 application period

    Hey, Ann1993! I'm currently in the Sequential Enrollment "Bridge" program through MJC and Stan State. It actually saves you four classes, not just two. And I don't think you'll find many (if any at all) in our program who feel that our clinical opportunities are limited. Congratulations to all of you who were accepted yesterday
  7. drewseph92

    Maybe Clinicals instructor doesn't like men

    That really sucks man, I'm sorry you have to deal with that because it's pretty unprofessional on her end and I'm sure it feels like your excluded from a lot of opportunities to learn in the clinical setting. Have you tried talking to your pediatric course coordinator or one of your program directors? But I agree with SamC1988, definitely don't record anything in the clinical setting. It's a trap, lol
  8. drewseph92

    MJC 2019 application period

    Good luck to all the LVN applicants!!! We're really looking forward to meeting you guys who will be joining us in second semester for Maternal-Child and Geriatrics. We hope to make you feel right at home Best, Andrew, SN 2nd Semester Lead Class Rep MJC Nursing Program
  9. drewseph92

    MJC 2019 application period

    Good for you, Halfcourt!!!
  10. drewseph92

    Pull back on the NG tube?

    I agree with Snatchedwig, I'm guessing what they mean by the "exit mark" is however you've marked your tubing from the nose/ear/xiphoid process? I'm not sure why you'd have to pull back at all if you can verify that the tube is still in the patient's stomach, lol
  11. drewseph92

    MJC 2019 application period

    And halfcourt, by "you'll do better if you're less competitive" I didn't mean you specifically! I meant that as a general statement
  12. drewseph92

    MJC 2019 application period

    Hey there, Chastity! You’re welcome I recommend studying for 30-60 minutes every day the month before your TEAS. Then 3-4 days before your exam date, study hardcore. You can do it!!! Believe in yourself. And yes, working part-time is doable! There’s a number of folks in our class who do (I’m not one of them, haha). But 3rd and 4th semesters, not so much haha. And Halfcourt95 I think that’s really ambitious that you want to take physics and O-chem during nursing school, but I think you’re kind of setting yourself up there and you might be seriously underestimating how seriously rigorous this program is. Because it’s not “just studying," although you’ll be doing an immense amount of that, lol. And the content you do study and test on isn’t anything like what you’re used to from your prerequisites (it’s harder). And if you’re not studying, you’re in skills lab. If you’re not in skills lab, you’re in clinical. If you’re not in clinical, you’re in sim lab. You’re always behind! Haha. You will work harder for an A than you ever have before. One thing I think might be good to know is that if you do get in to the nursing program, you’re going to be with 39 other classmates who are as smart as you, have worked as hard as you, and at LEAST one (but probably more) person/s will be even smarter than you and worked even harder than you (I 100% guarantee this, I had to learn this myself lol) ;D ….and not a single person will feel like nursing school isn’t extremely hard work. It’s a very humbling experience, for many reasons. But the beautiful thing is that once you’re in, you don’t have to be competitive anymore. In fact, you will do much better if you’re less competitive and work as a team-player. Your friends in nursing school quickly become your family…. and you will need them Wishing everyone the best…. T-3 days until the application opens!!! Andy, SN MJC 1st Semester
  13. drewseph92

    MJC 2019 application period

    I think it's really awesome that NKL scored a 90% on their TEAS without studying at all!! This person's obviously got some serious brains However I think you would be hard-pressed to find another person in MJC's nursing program who wouldn't tell you to take some time and study for the TEAS, not with your best interest in mind anyway. Y'all got this!! -Andrew
  14. drewseph92

    Fundamentals of Nursing Review Questioms

    Hey there! I'm also getting close to the end of first semester. I totally recommend Saunders NCLEX-prep; they have a whole section on fundamentals, and the book comes with an access code to like 6,000+ practice questions (my favorite way to study). Hang in there, friend
  15. drewseph92

    MJC 2019 application period

    Hey, Irene! My name's Andrew and I'm currently one of the first semester ADN students at MJC. I scored a 95.3% on my TEAS. It's totally possible, just be willing to reeaaally work hard for it (which in all honesty is going to be good practice for when you get in the program because it's going to feel like your taking 3 TEAS's every weak, but you have to get a 76.5% to pass your class). The best advice I can give you is to purchase the paperback study guide from ATI with the two online tests. Study at least one module from the study guide every single day but do not limit yourself to the content that's on the study guide.... and they tell you that in the introduction of the book. Really hone in on the science section, especially anatomy, physiology, and microbiology. And spend a good amount of time on math because you'll be doing more complex medication/IV calculations when you get in the program. I wish you and all who are applying the very best of luck!!!! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. See you guys in clinical Andrew
  16. drewseph92

    What was your gpa-California Comm College

    I just got accepted into a nursing program at a California Comm College (Modesto) with an overall GPA of 3.5 and prerequisite GPA of 4.0. I applied with 83 points... I didn't have any medical experience. My advice to you is to study really hard and kill it on the TEAS (I got 95.3% which gave me the point boost I needed). Good luck to you!

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